What happened in a day

What happened in a day

This post will be about my not-so-important activities in a day and yet I still want to write about them here. Let’s start!

So, I had only one class yesterday, Grammar, because my friends already asked for a day off for our Statistics class. I came in time around 10.15 a.m. and I went straight to the main library to return some books. I then went inside the library and could not resist the temptation to look around and borrow other books. I ended up borrowing one book though. I then rushed back to my faculty and attend the class.

The class finished early as my lecturer had a meeting to attend. It went so quickly that I was not really satisfied with the class. Luckily, not all of my friends were absent. There were Iyan and Fitri who attended the class too. So, after the class ended, the three us headed to one food stall and had our lunch there.

It was a new food stall. I must admit that the service was so disappointing and the food was not as pleasant as it seemed. After we finished eating, we went to our different directions respectively. Iyan and Fitri went to their kosan while I went to the FEB to do an interview for my upcoming organization. It was around 2 p.m. when I arrived at the faculty and sat for a while at its musola. Not long after that, I was greeted by Kumi from the organization and invited to come inside what was called as Lab. Pojok Bursa. It was such a new experience for me. I did not know this lab before. Inside, I was greeted by another woman from the organization named Irma. She was my interviewer. Then, just after we introduced ourselves to each other, the interview began.

It was like my very first interview that I ever did in person and in English. I was not really nervous and I did not have any special preparations for this interview. I did not worry because the interview would be about myself. What worried other people though maybe the fact that the interview was conducted in English which was not easy at all. And that was when the practice paid off, I could speak quite fluently and the interview went smoothly. It was like a casual and light chit-chat, fortunately. The interviewer was friendly and we had a good time talking to each other. I was so happy talking in English with someone as I rarely did so with my friends.

The interview was indeed about me. I just needed to answer some basic questions, and everything would just go smoothly. No pressure necessary. It went for about 15 minutes. I then exchanged goodbyes with the interviewer and Kumi, and then I went home.

I was so relieved knowing that I finally did the interview. I hoped that the result would be good. So, in order to be a member in this organization (re: AIESEC), one must submit an application form, then do an interview, and if he or she passes, he or she will proceed to the next step which is to do a FGD or forum group discussion. So, in my case, I just have to wait for my interview result which will be informed a week after I did my interview before proceeding to the next step, FGD.

I acted so silly as soon as I was outside the lab. I was smiling and walking proudly to myself. I then walked home feeling as confident and happy as ever. It was around 2.30 p.m. when I was on my way on 510 bus. I felt like going somewhere before going home, so I went to UI instead. Yeah, UI was like my second home, my second campus. I went straight to its library, one of the places I loved hanging out at, and came to the bookstore. And there it was, a small magazine I had been dying to have, Reader’s Digest. I actually stopped by at this bookstore on Monday to buy the magazine, but unfortunately there was not an English version available. There was an Indonesian version which did not really interest me. I then came again yesterday and yeah there they were, two copies of Reader’s Digest in English. I was thrilled! And then I flipped one copy over and took a look at its price tag – Rp. 95.000. And I went like, “Really? For this small magazine?”


I had this kind of dilemma whether to buy it or not. I checked out some books, but found nothing interest me. I then checked the magazine again and assured myself to buy that. Buying the magazine was the reason why I came in the first place anyway. What surprised me just how expensive it actually was. Even so, regardless of the price, I did buy the magazine and I did not regret it. Yeah, when it came to books, I could be really generous and compulsive. I could spend much money without thinking twice. For me, a book, especially a good one, was worth every penny I had. And I proved that yesterday.

I then went into the middle room of the library where you would find a set of chairs to sit and relax. I found a good spot for me. I then sat there, opened up my mineral water and bread I bought also at the library, and took a peek inside my fresh and new magazine. It was such an ideal way of relaxing for me.

I was there in my first spot reading a few pages of my magazine. At first it was so comfy, but in the next few minutes , I began to be surrounded by mosquitos. I decided to move and find a new spot. I grabbed my magazine and moved. I found a good spot – a long chair that could be filled with four to five people. This second spot was way better – there were not mosquitos, the lighting was right, and the chair was comfy. I sat there for several minutes reading something about Alzheimer’s disease. I learned that Alzheimer’s disease was named after a man who discovered the disease, Alois Alzheimer.

I had been there at the library for two hours or so. I then decided to go home. It was 5.30 p.m. already. The library was still crowded though. There were a bunch of students reading books, typing on their laptops, chatting with friends, or simply sitting comfortably at the library’s shady park. The library was indeed comfortable. I imagined being a student here or a student at one American university. I would surely hang out at its library on a regular basis.

On my way home, I found a group of people and couples were sitting and laughing with their loved ones by the lake. I also saw a group of people taking an evening jog. I then remembered to buy cilok near Pondok Cina Railway Station which was Miftah’s favorite. The cilok was indeed good. I soon became addicted to it.

I went home by taking angkot as usual and arrived around my neighborhood around 6 p.m. I then decided to buy a glass of guava juice. It felt good to end the day by having something sweet and fresh. I walked to my home feeling happy and satisfied. It was indeed one fine and quite productive day.


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