Visiting Mrs. Kholilah

Visiting Mrs. Kholilah

This post is dedicated to my high school teacher, Mrs. Kholilah, who is currently sick and being treated at one hospital in South Jakarta. Get well soon, mrs!

Well, after having graduated from our senior high school, I and my friends rarely meet and catch up due to our own business. Yesterday was a little reunion then. As Kartika told us that our former teacher slash wali kelas, Mrs. Kholilah was sick, she invited us to visit her. We agreed.

I was so happy that I could join them to visit our teacher. After a brief discussion on when and where to gather, we finally made it on Wednesday evening around 4 p.m. There were 11 people who came in total. It was such a fun crowd.

Kartika and Ntik took rides with Gojek while I set off by myself by taking deborah. Shasa, Icha, and Firda wanted to take deborah as well but it did not show up. Bored of waiting, they finally took a taxi and went. I myself arrived around 3.30 p.m. and found Ntik and Kartika were already there, sitting there waiting. I also found Bedul and Ijo there. And I was like bam! Here we go again, with him, with my old yet never really goes feeling.

We then just sat there chatting and waiting for our more friends to come. Bedul was still as crazy as ever, but he was entertaining, luckily.

We were there, including Kiki who wore a nice working suit looking tall and mature. He showed a very good change I guess, he now wanted to join our events more frequently. So, after we all gathered, we then decided what things we should give to our teacher. We then bought a bouquet of fruits and two packs of chocolate brownies. Bedul and Dhiput were in charge to buy the fruits while I, Shasa, and Kartika bought the brownies.

Soon enough after we bought the brownies, we just waited and sat again. Kartika whom we also called Mami got us to take a few selfies. And here they are:



And then Bedul and Dhiput arrived. We then walked together to our teacher’s room at Teratai building. It was quite far, and so unfamiliar with me as it was my first time coming to the hospital.

There was something funny happened. We were there inside the elevator ready to go to the sixth floor when we realized that the elevator was out of order. We then went outside and tried some alternatives like taking the stairs or another elevator. The boys were gentle enough to take the elevator right next to our broken one while the girls took another elevator a few steps from the boys’ elevator.

Luckily, we met on the sixth floor at the same time. We then saw our teacher there sitting on her bed looking quite good. We then talked a little while with her – catching an old time. Dhiput was so talkative like she always is. Because of the very limited space, the rest of us was just standing there and nodding to whatever our teacher said without really communicating with her. We were glad that she was getting better.

Bedul, as usual, took so many pieces of cakes that our teacher provided us. It was funny to watch him there sitting like a boss, wearing our graduation batik like someone who just went to a wedding party, and eating cakes.

It was around 15 minutes talking with our teacher when Beler came. He came late and kept bothering Mami with the location questions. I and Mami even had to wait in front of the elevator to make sure that he would arrive safe and sound. And there he was smiling foolishly and saying sorry for coming late. He then met our teacher and together we continued our talking.

Our topic was mainly about the things we used to have and do back in our high school. It was so nostalgic. We also happily made fun of our newly A.Md, beler. Bedul and the rest of us made jokes about Beler getting his new title which was so funny. Beler was like happy and embarrassed at the same time.

Not long after our light and funny talking, Mami got us to take other selfies, this time with our teacher. Too bad that Kiki was not there as he was performing Magrib prayer. Here are the photos:




And that was all. Around 6 p.m. we said goodbye to our teacher wishing her very fast recovery and then went home.

We walked outside the building together. It was already dark outside and we had to walk pretty far until we reached the main gate. The boys walked so quickly that they left us, the girls, behind. We then went home respectively.

I, Ntik, and Mami decided to take gojek. Ntik did the order all by herself. It was so hilarious to watch Ntik making phone calls with gojek drivers. It was like having many boyfriends at the same time.

It was pretty fast to find our gojek drivers around the neighborhood. We then took our rides respectively and went home. Shasa, Icha, and Firda went together by taking taxi again while Dhiput went home by herself.

It was such a quick yet fun reunion. I did miss my crazy classmates and seeing them again was such a joy. It brought me back to our high school days, to our old moments and stories I often wished could be repeated. And that is all, my post ends here.



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