Music mode – on shuffle – simple happiness

Music mode – on shuffle – simple happiness

Do you know that feeling? That simple yet happy feeling when you set your music mode on shuffle or random order, that feeling is such happiness for me.

You know, often times in life, we need to really appreciate simple things like this. And I am pretty good at appreciating good things. I cherish everything, even the most trivial ones.

Having my music mode on shuffle gives me joy because it is like I get surprises. I do not know what song will come next, and when that one song, my favorite one, comes up on the screen, that is just pure bliss. It is like the music playlist listens to you and understands you. It even gives me feeling like “Oh yeah this song is so me now. This suits my current circumstance well” and kinda.

It also reminds me of many songs I do not know exist on my playlist. It is just funny and weird at the same time knowing that I have tons of songs and yet I keep listening to the same song over and over again.

This simple joy is something so ordinary for most people, but for someone like me, this simpe joy is something worth sharing and writing about as I hope it can inspire us to appreciate little things more. And here is my concluding remark related to this,

Pay more attention to the details you see; to little things in your surrounding; to the music and air, to the food and people, everything. Do not be so busy wandering around that you undervalue the simple things in your life. Pay attention and appreciate, and once you can master these, your perspective will never be the same again.


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