The highlight of this week

The highlight of this week

Alhamdulillah for every new opportunity I have as it can be one of many ways for me to improve myself.

Last Friday was such a good day for me. My friend, Akira, asked me to be the moderator of Friday’s Stadium Generale on getting UK scholarships. I was in doubt at first, like I always am, but then I said yes thinking that this opportunity would not come twice.
As the D day approaching, I was so nervous imagining myself as a moderator in sg, something that I had never been before. I did my preparation on Thursday night around 11 a.m. I was so sleepy already when I did the rehearsal. It made me cranky also because I needed to wake up so early for the following day.

I did not get enough sleep for sure. I set off early and came to the venue pretty in time. The venue was already set, the committee were there doing their jobs. I myself did the rehearsal once again. A moderator’s tasks were pretty simple anyway – I greeted the audience, I opened the forum by telling them the discussion topic, I read the speakers’ CVs, I let the speakers took over the forum and did their presentation, and I opened the debriefing session. It was pretty simple.

The sg started around 8.30, it did not follow the run down, but it went well though. I was so happy knowing that the speakers that day were all good and friendly. They were so professional as well. It relaxed me of course, I could do my job without any worries.

It was such a light and fun discussion, not a really formal one. I had a good time moderating the discussion. I also got pretty much knowledge particularly about studying in the UK and about some major scholarships to get there. Akira was right, this discussion was really about me, I really enjoyed that.

The sg lasted until 3 p.m., and thankfully it went well until the closing. I was so happy even though not all of my friend could come and see me. I totally understood why, but it would be good to have them see me from the audience seats as a form of support. That would be good, yeah.
Anyway, this whole moderating experience might be ordinary for other people, but this one is pretty cool for me. I am so thankful that I finally can get such position in a sg or a forum discussion. This excites me because I realize that this is such a dream come true for me. Long story short, I have always wanted to be in the front part of the forum, by in the front I mean to be a MC, moderator, and speaker. I was once a MC in seminar held by my department as well. I was also chosen by Akira (thanks!). However, I never thought that I could get a chance to be a moderator because I was not really active in any organizations and I was not so popular either. There is no way, I often assume. But, yeah it has always been my dream to be in the front part, it seems so cool and important you know.

Now, knowing that I had experienced the feeling of being a moderator makes me realize that any dreams can come true. Seriously, I can be what I imagined myself to be back when I was in my first years of college. Just like what I imagined, I did not want to just sit in the audience seats and listen to the speakers, I wanted to be in that position too one day, to be in the front part, to be listened to. Now, I had completed the moderator position part, hopefully next time I can write about me being a speaker. Aamiin.

Continuing my statement about any dreams can come true, I totally believe in that. It happens to me this year from being a committee for the opak event to a moderator in a sg. I believe that any dreams, even if they seem impossible, can come true. This is of course if we keep learning, keep searching for information, keep doing our best, and keep being open-minded to every opportunity that comes to us along the way. InsyaAllah, we can reach our dreams. Moreover, do not forget to appreciate yourself for every achievement and improvement you make no matter how little and insignificant it may seem. All great achievements start from the small ones, right? So, give yourself a little bit of praise. It won’t hurt.

And that is all, here is the final moment, the special one when I finally can get a kind of this certificate given by my friend Akira. And do not forget the flash and the smile for the camera while I hold this and shake hands with Akira, that is just precious haha.



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