Change is Inevitable

Change is Inevitable

I am walking on the street as something acrosses my mind, something that I hate.

Change is inevitable, I guess. You can’t stop the change from coming, you can’t run from it either. Whether you like or not, change will happen sooner or later. And why does this bother me, a lot?

Well, there are two kinds of change – positive and negative. The former will be good, of course, but the latter might be different. The latter, in fact, makes me hate change in the first place.

Change – negative kind of change, what is that? Is it something you do out of the blue and it is bad? Is it something you do in a relationship, so you can get away from your partner? Why do you change then? Why do we change?

Why do we change? Why do we run away instead of staying? Why?

I keep questioning the motives behind someone’s change, behind someone special”s change. Is it because of the unrequited feeling in the first place? Is it because of him finding another woman? Is it because me letting him go so quickly? Or is it all just a destiny?

We were close and good back then, before you expect something from me, before I stupidly let you go. We are like two strangers now, being in each other’s contact, yet it takes us years to at least say hi.

Isn’t it funny how things can change so quickly? Change in a blink of an eye, change only in a matter of seconds. Isn’t funny how change turn you from bestfriends to just friends?

Negative change surely hurts. I cant even handle. It hurts knowing that you give me up, or knowing that I lost my only chance. And it hurts mostly knowing that we are not the same people anymore towards each other.

I keep blaming myself for what happened between us, or in a more precise way, between me and my own feeling. I keep imagining how things are supposed to be, you and me against the world. But then I realize, if it should be happened, it should.

I am so blue thinking about us, about my stupidity and about your cowardness. I blame everything. And then I hear myself say, “you can change things like they were before. It all changed.” And then I walk with louder music in my ears.
Change is inevitable. We have to accept it, live with it, and move forward. It can be painful like hell, but it is also one of the indicators that you are growing.

Change might be hurt a little, might be very uncomfortable, but at the end, change will help you grow. Just live with it.

Change will also make you believe that everything is all planned by Him, everything is all destined because if something is meant to be, it will be, no matter how many changes it takes.


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