So alone yet so productive

So alone yet so productive

So, what I am about to share is perhaps a little bit pathetic, but I am trying to see it from the bright side. Let me start.

Today I had two classes and I was done around 1 p.m. Today felt so fast. As soon as I finished the last class, I performed the Zuhr prayer with my friends and then we were free to go home.

I was so lazy to come home so early, so I decided to go to the main library instead. And I went alone. Before saying goodbye to Ummi, she said that it would be so cute, eating alone. I felt so single. I invited Ummi to join me, but she did not seem want to come. I then planned to go alone.

Before going to the library, I bought a snack first and ate it at the lobby. I, once again, felt so single. I then headed to the library around 2 p.m. To my surprise, I met Hanifa there. She was also looking for books. We talked for a while before searching for books respectively.

I found some interesting books about pronunciation. I borrowed them and then headed home. Soon I finished with the borrowing procedure, I felt my back aching for carrying four thick books.

I came to Fatullah Mosque to perform the Asr prayer. I bought myself a drink and also a snack. I ate by myself and I also read several pages after praying, by myself. It felt weird giving the fact that I always had some friends with me.

Being alone does not entirely pathetic though. Well, it sucks sometimes. I also believe in a saying the more, the merrier. But, my current situation seems force me to be happily alone or single. I do my best to enjoy it, and it is true that sometimes I need to be alone and go in a less-taken direction in order to be more productive. The lonely feeling will hit me once in a while, but it might be the best for me in order to fully concentrate on what I am doing now. Doing something alone does not really bad though, it is actually pretty interesting.

So, until next time!


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