21st birthday and the phone is broken (again)

21st birthday and the phone is broken (again)

Yeah, I am so thankful that I have my 21st birthday today. I am happy and sad at the same time knowing that I am no longer a teenager, I am a grown up now. Sometimes it kills me just to imagine what the future looks like, yeah about the marriage and stuff. I am not ready for those responsibilities, and I still want to play around.

Even so, I try to see my birthday as something meaningful. I have grown up and have been through many things for 21 years. I am thankful that I have a beautiful life. Celebrating my 21st birthday, I get a special present from my phone. It is broken – it keeps freezing every time I touch, I need to restart over and over again. It is so annoying. Lucky me that I have this phone, my previous phone which was broken as well and had been repaired.

I am so upset and sad at first knowing that I cannot use my phone, I am also sad because I can check my accounts such as bbm and line. But then, I guess this does not really matter at the end. I still can use WhatsApp and other social media. Life goes on.

I guess I am quite addicted to my phone and social media, but it turns out that those social media are not really important. It is like I always check them every five minute and I prioritize them and I regard them as something very important. I realize now that all this time, I am the one who really cares about my accounts, I am like updating and posting everything, but no one actually cares about them. Nothing really matters then except something that you really have in real life. So, do not be addicted. I am thankful that I still have this phone and I still check out some accounts that I like and need just like this blog application.

Yeah, here are the two photos of me as a birthday girl. Thanks to Ummi and Atika who had beautifully made them:




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