DIMMS’ happy day

DIMMS’ happy day

We had another happy day yesterday – we finally came to Shasa’s house to check out the famous coto makasar. Here is the complete story behind our happy day. Happy reading!

We set off from our respective houses around 10.30 a.m. I met Miftah and Dini at Citayem Railway Station, and we bought a cake for Shasa’s family at the nearest cake shop. We then continued our journey to Shasa’s house in a so hot afternoon. We walked slowly as we were so thirsty and hungry, we were talking about something when we came across two cats making sex. Oh yes, they were there making sex. Dini was the first who saw it, I and Miftah then came closer to take a look. I was amazed, I even stood still for a few minutes to really see what was happening between those two cats. It was awkward as the three of us, especially me, were seriously looking at two cats in a very empty street. We kept walking though, Shasa’s house was close.

As soon as we arrived, we were welcomed by Shasa’s aunt or friendly knows as pungdu. I then handed the cake that we bought earlier to her. We then headed upstairs to Shasa’s room and found Icha was already there. And our whole day craziness was about to start!

Shasa brought us some risol and a pitcher of orange drinks. Miftah, Icha, and Dini started exchanging files on their laptops while I was just there watching them and taking selfies. It was pretty good to take selfies at Shasa’s room hehe. We then chatted, we talked about anything that came to our minds. Without me knowing, Dini drank the last glass of our orange drink, leaving me thirsty. Not long after they finished doing their stuff, we then watched a movie called The Pact. It was a horror movie. We sat neatly before Shasa’s laptop, and were so ready to watch. We watched that movie seriously. Dini was so annoying at first, we just couldn’t help it but kept shouting at her ordering her to be quiet. The movie was hell scary. We screamed a couple of times. It was hilarious though seeing our screaming faces. Dini was the loudest one, of course. It took us around one hour and half to finish the movie. Right after we finished watching the movie, we then ate the coto makasar that we had been waiting for. The coto was good, it was such a good combination – good food, good companions, and good talk. Absolutely my favorites.

When were done eating and cleaning up the mess, we then decided to watch another movie, The Pact 2. Oh yeah, another creepy movie. I personally think that the first movie was so much better than the second one. I didn’t really watch the movie. My other friends seemed to enjoy the movie. The best part of this movie session was the pudding eating part. Yeah, Shasa made a pudding. It was good. Here is the complete meals we had (we forgot to snap the coto. Too bad):


After watching the movie, we then had a quite meaningful chat, it was about marriage and stuff, for sure. Shasa and Dini were checking some files on the laptop while listening to me, Miftah, and Icha serious lovie talkie. It was started when Miftah shared about her new niece. She shared about the funny stories behind the birth. We couldn’t help it but laughed way too hard. Around 5.30 p.m. we were ready to go home. And yet, Dini was still dealing with the files. I went to the bathroom then, unable to hold it any longer, I needed to pee!

As soon as I finished peeing, I found my friends (Miftah, Icha, and Dini) were there in front of the mirror putting some lipstick. Their lips soon turned into red. I called them cabe-cabean. Dini soon put some lipstick on me too. It was like I just ate a baby or something and my lips were covered in blood. Seeing ourselves in the mirror, feeling a little bit narcissistic, we then took some selfies. Yeah, taking selfies was a must.  :



It was initially the four of us taking selfies. Shasa was nowhere outside of her room. And then she came back seeing what we were doing. She must think we were crazy and stuff, and yeah we were! Shasa was sitting in the corner of her bed, we then decided to come close to her, and snap! Took more selfies, and this time, the all five of




And that’s a wrap! Shasa then got ready to take us on rides to the main road. Before going home, we said goodbye to Shasa’s family and headed outside. In the outside, we saw Abi. He was shy, for sure. We had been flirting with him all day long. He must had been tired of us. And yet, Dini couldn’t help it but flirted with Abi one more. He didn’t respond, of course. Then Dini went – she was the first one to take on the ride with Shasa. Then I was the second followed by Miftah and Icha next. Yeah, Miftah and Icha on the same ride. It was like cabe-cabean once again. Before really going home, we exchanged goodbyes, and then heading home.

It was so fun. We had planned this visit long ago. I was more accustomed to taking trains, it was easy and exciting. I am not a so worried person anymore. I am braver than ever. I think these people (dimms) are really my baes. It is like we have a click button that makes us go into the same direction. And if there is one thing I learn from my friendship, if we want to have a good relationship, and yes any relationship, we should make time to see and hang out with each other no matter how busy we are. Make time and enjoy your time. That’s it, and thank God, that the five of us always make time for each other.

Until next time!


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