Part 2 – He

Part 2 – He

Coming to his photography class is his typical activity, the only activity that truly matters to him. It is like he only lives and exists in this whole world because there is photography in it.

You can say that he is a passive person. He will come to his class for several hours, and then go back home playing with his camera. He has been working on an art work for months – a giant picture of his mother. I will tell you now, his mother has sadly passed away some weeks ago, making him even more passive.

When she was alive, she often said and nagged him, “Honey, please go outside, have a picnic or something, stop playing with the camera and stuff.” Yet, never once that he did that, he loved being inside way too much.

He has only two friends, Andi and Anne. He hangs out with them a lot, especially when he has nothing to do with his camera, he will look for them and hang out. In this whole world, at least, there are two people who can accept his passivity as good as him himself.

About his passivity, he would say, I enjoy being on my own, all the hustle and bustle are not necessary. Just me and my camera, capturing the beauty in this Earth, well, that’s the passivity is all about. Sounds so philosophical, huh?

He might be a philosopher, but he is surely a forgetful one. He often forgets to introduce himself, a part of the passivity within him. So, here is a Hi, he is Jamie.

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