Part 1 – She

Part 1 – She

She is just a regular type of girl, there is nothing special about her, well, except her heart. 
She has been studying Architecture her whole life, she is so passionate about it. Ask her why architecture, something that is related to men and not a woman like her. She would answer simply, “I like seeing buildings. They are a proof of love and handwork.”

She is a good student, not a really smart one, but a good one. She has tons of friends, literally, because she takes so many different projects that a single woman can take. To make her mind occupied, she would claim. The projects start from something called Cause for Change to To The Moon and Back. The last one seems so cheesy though, but it’s real. It’s a poetry club, somewhere you can pour your heart out, and instead of being mocked, you will get complement. She doesn’t really love poetry though, she just loves and admires words. Words are like a brick, you continually construct them until they become a fine building. You construct words until they become a fine story.

She is often considered as the crazy one among her friends – she is the ultimate source of silliness and joy in her inner circle. She just is.

But, be patient, though. She can be so forgetful, just like I am, she often forgets to introduce herself. So, here is a greeting, she is Diandra.

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