Get up early, come early

Get up early, come early

So, here I am sitting and waiting and writing at the lobby of my faculty. This morning is absolutely a bliss for me since I manage to come so early that the main door has not been opened yet. Well, let me share the story behind my very punctuality here.

I slept around 12 a.m. last night, I set two alarms at 4, and then I quickly fell asleep. I was a bit worried though, I was afraid that I couldn’t hear the alarm and I would be late. I slept with a bit worries in me. I concluded then that every Sunday night, I would fall asleep with the same worry for the rest of the semester. Seriously, for the sake of being on time.

Luckily, I woke up around 4, I woke up even before the two alarms rang off. I couldn’t get fine sleep, that’s for sure. So, once I woke up, I couldn’t sleep again worrying that I would be late if I did so. I then checked my phone, listened to music, and then took a bath. I did my morning routines as usual, everything went normal, except the dark sky outside.

It was like years ago, my very first semester when I needed to set off very early. It felt good though, set off early. You could smell the fresh air; you did not have to deal with the very bad traffic; and you didn’t have to run or hurry to class. Ah, I love today.

This morning is quite something for sure. I realize that everything is possible if you really try for it. All this time, I am just making the excuses and I keep blaming the traffic, the public transportation, and everything around me. Well, a part of me still blames them though, but I do know that I can do something about that, I surely can change my situation if I am determined to.

So, as I am waiting outside with the wind whirls around me, I just want to enjoy this very moment. It is such a rarity, I can say. I also learn that my first and foremost responsibility is to be the best student I can be. My parents want me to be one, I also want me to be one. And if being punctual is one of the indicators to be a good student, then I surely will do my best to do so.


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