On being a writer

On being a writer

I never thought that I would have this very big passion for writing, I never thought of becoming a writer either. But, as I study English over the years, I slowly grow my passion for English writing, or writing in general. This is not really surprising though since I also loved writing when I was in senior high school years ago. I loved writing in my diaries. I still have them until now, they are such treasures.

Over the years, I do find writing fun and also enlightening. Writing is like having an intimate conversation with myself, it is like having someone with whom I can share anything. Writing, at the end, is therapeutic.

I read one simple sentence once saying that a writer is someone who writes. It is that simple, I can call myself a writer then. Even though I haven’t written any books yet, nor I have written any papers yet, my love for writing is beyond what I can express. At the end, I do agree with the sentence, as long as I write, I am a writer.

Despite my fondness of writing, I haven’t given so much time thinking about choosing writing as my career later on in life. I also haven’t fully figured it out whether I want to be a professional writer or an amateur one. I still have many things in mind, writing is not in my short term plan, but it is absolutely in my long term plan. So, let’s see.

Even so, hearing about writing, and a writer as a profession always excites me. It is such a pride I guess to be able to call yourself a writer. In my mind for now, being a personal writer for my own blog is quite enough and amazing. I guess this is where I can start to keep practicing and developing my English or Indonesian writing skill.

As for me myself, writing gives me a way; a perspective; an idea; a safe haven even. Writing is like channeling what you have in mind and heart and turning it into something concrete – a piece of writing. Writing also gives me such calmness and peace, it gives the power to calm myself down, and it makes me possible to have my own fairytale. Writing, in short, gives me all.

And if you see writing as a simple process of writing all letters down onto a piece of paper, then you haven’t seen it deep enough. Writing, as it turns out, is an intimate process of pouring your ideas and feelings out. And this is why I see myself as a writer, and hopefully I can become a professional one, later.


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