Russian, Writing, and Responsibility

Fleur de Cirque

The problem with having each foot in a different world is that you are never completely part of either world. I suppose that can apply to countless situations, but the one on my mind is the peculiar plight of the bilingual.

It feels disingenuous to call it a “plight,” but while bilingualism is a gift in many ways, it also posses its own particular host of problems. As a bilingual, I recognize and am grateful for the happy accident of fate that has given me two languages at my disposal with very little effort on my part. Taking French as a freshman in college was a rude awakening for me. Learning a language was hard, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put in the effort required to converse with the locals on my someday trip to France. As someone who already spoke two languages, effortlessly acquiring a…

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