English: The Forgotten Language

English: The Forgotten Language

Nothing to See Here

I will start by telling you what this essay is not about. It is not about the supremacy of English over other languages. It is not about immigrants or visitors to English-speaking countries. It is not about the people who, through poor education, do not have the breadth or depth of language skills to which we are all entitled. It is about the people who hold themselves out to the public as writers, orators, composers, creators, journalists, advisors- any professional title that implies familiarity with the principal language that is spoken in their places of residence. I cannot go a day without reading at least one article, essay, opinion piece or other published work that contains egregious typographical or grammatical errors. I started becoming incensed at the discovery of error after error on the New York Times website years ago. It seems to have snowballed, not just at the Times…

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