“Education” & “Schooling” are not interchangeable – get over it!

“Education” & “Schooling” are not interchangeable – get over it!

Turn your critical thinking ON

Education and schooling appear to be the same thing even though they have different meanings and outcomes. The idiosyncrasy to use both terms interchangeably or subsume schooling under education has become a common social trend. This tendency to assume, rather than confirm, has led to misleading interpretations and beliefs, as well as fallacies of both disciplines. As a consequence, most people think that a good education, whereas the same as an educated person, is the result of completing a specific time in a formal instructive discipline, in a specific field of study. Education is not achieved by completing a concrete timeframe at a high standard instructive facility, nor can credentials and academic achievements measure education. Thus far, there is no concise definition, but there are a vast number of attempts to describe both terms, yet without doing the meaning justice. Furthermore the difference between definitions is subjective. That is why…

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