Drinking the KoolAid

Drinking the KoolAid

Turn your critical thinking ON

Human trafficking is one of the top 3 most lucrative businesses in the world, making about $150 billon worldwide. In other words, the human trafficking industry makes about $32 billon per year in the United States. If you do the math, that accounts for about a quarter just in one country alone! Now remember, although the United States is a very big country, it is big in territory and not in population when compared to other countries. Hence, contributing to a quarter is statistically very significant, don’t you think?

The illegal movement of women and children accounts for the biggest piece of the pie. And who is consuming it? You are. Yes – YOU! You are contributing to the trafficking of human beings, whether you are aware of it or not. Then again, I do not believe that ignorance is bliss, especially when the lives and wellbeing of other human…

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