Confessions of a bookaholic

Confessions of a bookaholic

Sincerely Devon


Today was finally Friday, and I had a day off. Instead of using the day to get things done that I knew needed to be done, I spent my entire day in bed reading; barley getting out to have my morning cup of coffee, or even eat meals.

Yesterday I was struck with a terrible feeling of vertigo all day and had to leave work early. The only time I didn’t feel dizzy was when I was lying in bed, even getting up to pee was too much. I have no idea what caused that, or why it lasted all day, but today it miraculously went away. I’ve had vertigo before, but never to that extent. Every inch I moved, it had felt like my body was lagging behind me and taking seconds to catch up. That doesn’t even make sense, but it’s the only way I can think to…

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