On being 100% present and happy

On being 100% present and happy

Being happy is absolutely one of the things that we want to achieve, being happy itself is actually our real goal in this life. It will be useless to have, let’s say, fancy stuff; beautiful face; successful careers; etc, if we are not happy. Having material and concrete stuff like that can make you happy, of course, but it won’t last. Being happy is more than having those stuff, being happy is related to your emotions and to your soul. Being happy and really present can be so easy yet so difficult at the same time.


Sometimes we try really hard to be happy, sometimes we seem like we cannot see and have happiness that often comes right in front of us. This happens probably because we take many things, especially little things, for granted. This is also probably because we are not 100% living our life, we might be living in the future that has not arrived which often makes us worried, or we live in the past that leads us to always feel regretful. This sounds bad, doesn’t it?

Responding to these unpleasant experiences, I come up with this powerful statement in order to live a happier life: living your life day by day and be responsible for your happiness each day for 24 hours. Feeling intrigued? I’ll elaborate more.

You have the exact 24 hours a day, everyone has the same amount. You can do exactly what you want within that period of time. 24 hours is not a long period of time, so you can manage it pretty well every day. You will start to live day by day by focusing this 24 hours. Instead of imagining what happen in the 5 years.

By living day by day and being responsible for your happiness, you will start to appreciate all things around you and people around you. You will live enthusiastically and happily because at the end of the day you need to ask yourself, “Was I happy today?”, “Did I do the things I like?” this seems simple enough.

By being 100% present, you will start appreciating things that you usually take for granted and this what gives you happiness on a daily basis –  a sense of appreciation. By being 100% present doesn’t mean that you stop creating your future, you absolutely can work on it, without losing your present moments.

So, start living your life day by day, start enjoying every moment in your life, and start being happy every single day now!


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