My Bookworm Problems

My Bookworm Problems

Geek Wonderland

I think I may have an actual diagnosable problem when it comes to books. I buy more even when my TBR pile is on the verge of toppling over. And not just books, graphic novels too! Anybody have the same problems when it comes to being addicted to books?

1. My TBR pile keeps growing

I’m reading more than one book and more than graphic novel at once at the moment. My to be read pile is huge but I can’t help myself. Buying books makes me happy and I always find myself wandering into a book store and somehow convincing myself I need to buy another one, some times to cheer me up or because it’s payday and I have zero self control.
2. Working in a discount book shop

This is both good and bad, good because YAY BOOKS and bad because YAY BOOKS. Being a discount store…

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