Fat By Choice

Fat By Choice

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I was watching this show on Discovery Health a while back. It was a kind of documentary, and yes, I like documentaries. The feature of the story was a woman, I forget her name, who was willingly and rather adamantly trying to become the largest woman alive. Naturally, I was a bit shocked that someone would make gluttony a legitimate life goal. And what’s more, I was downright disgusted that she was gaining so much attention for it.

It makes sense, though. I mean, especially today, people will do literally anything to revel in that fifteen minutes of fame, even if it means compromising their own health and happiness. We crave renown. We crave recognition. We want nothing more than to be remembered. Sadly, this desire sometimes drives us to remarkable measures. Becoming the largest woman alive is just one of them.

What made this lady’s story even more upsetting…

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