Books Inspiration

Books Inspiration

Hi fellas, it has been a while since I wrote here. On today’s writing, I am going to share about my books inspiration, by this I mean what inspires me to buy books or what reasons that make me buy this book instead of that book. So, let’s begin.


Sometimes I just buy a book or novel because I simply like it – it can be because the cover is attractive or the title is quite intriguing. But, most of the time, I have these reasons before deciding to buy a book.

#1. The book is inspiring and a best-seller one

I personally believe that a book is good if it is considered as a best-seller book and widely read by many people. It is simple enough because if the book is not that good, it will not be a best-seller and it will not attract people to read. The best-seller book, therefore, is worth buying and reading. It happens to me quite often, such as, when I buy I am Malala, an autobiography about a girl who strives for education and fights against Taliban, I am inspired by this young girl who recently won a Nobel Peace Prize, and I had known long ago that she has written a book, and the book soon becomes international best-seller. I am determined to buy this book, and I can’t wait to read about Malala’s full story about her personal life and her fight for education in her village. The book is indeed inspiring and very enlightening. Reading that kind of book gives me a chance to know her without meeting her directly in person. This is also why reading biographies is necessary – you can learn from others that you probably cannot meet in person.

Buying I am Malala is absolutely a right decision. This #1 reason has been working successfully for me. This is also simply because I sometimes do not know what I would like to read, or what kind of books that I need to read, I simply can be clueless. So, by considering this #1 reason, I can decide my next books to buy pretty fast. This is important, however, to highlight that at the end of the day, it is your interest that will define whether a book is worth reading or not. This happens to me when I buy Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami because it is a well-known book, and Haruki Murakami himself is a famous writer. I see the book a lot. So, I buy myself one copy, and I read it. To my surprise, the book turns out to be just ordinary, I find nothing special about the book. It is a love story indeed, but I don’t find something so special about that book. So, I conclude that no matter how famous a book is, it is your interest that will define whether that book is your favorite or not.

#2. The book is read by someone you admire

Yeah, that works for me many times. And I rarely have a second thought to buy a book based on this consideration. I have many people whom I greatly admire and look up to. Many of them, or most of them love reading. They often upload the books they are currently reading on their personal accounts such as Instagram (technology is indeed helpful). I still remember that I buy a book, a self-help book to be exact by Gretchen Rubin called The Happiness Project after watching a young and talented Indonesian celebrity buying that book at a bookstore. I then write the book down on my “books list” and not long after that, I got one for me. It is true that you need to have role models who inspire and motivate you to be better. Role models are important because you do/act/read/write something that are often inspired by them. The Happiness Project turns out to be a very good book, it is basically about several ways in order to be happy and live a happy life. I do believe that our role models are great individuals, so   it is great to read what they read. This simple act can make us great as well.

#3. The book is written by your favorite writers

I am calling this reason as addicted. It is simply because you buy a book because it is another piece of writing written by your favorite writers. After reading the first book, you will look for the second one and continue like that. You will stick to the writers and will be happy to buy their future books. It happens to me a lot – the first case is with Paulo Coelho. I am not really familiar with him ar first, but I soon learn that he is a very famous writer from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He has written lots of books, and most them are international best-sellers. I first know his book called Manuscript Found in Accra from Desi Anwar’s twitter (yes, referring to the #2 reason). I guess this book will be good, so I get myself a copy. After reading the book, I soon buy other Coelho’s books at nearest bookstores. Some of them are good, and some of them are not so good. Another case dealing with what I call as addicted is with another famous writer, John Green. I first buy his book, a very best-seller one, The Fault in Our Stars. The book has been filmed and become a huge success. After reading the book, I also buy other Green’s books such as Paper Town, An Abundance of Katherines, and Will Grayson, Will Grayson. His books are quite good, but The Fault in Our Stars remains my most favorite. It is true that the first impression about something really affects us – I am hugely impressed by the first books I read from Coelho and Green, and this makes me buy their other books.

#4. The book is recommended by any writers and/or any bookworms

As a bookworm myself, and as someone who wants to be a writer someday, I like to follow many writers’ accounts or simply accounts that are run by a bookworm. By following these kinds of accounts, you will be constantly informed about books. They will surely share what books they are reading, and their favorite books, and also some of their favorite quotes (this is what I like about reading books anyway, you can get lots of good quotes on everything).

Following these accounts is really good to help you finding new book references or recommendations. And, the recommendations are mostly good since we know that they love reading and they certainly know good books.

#5. The book is just a random choice

Last but not least, a random choice is also the reason why I buy a book. Sometimes, I just come to a bookstore, and I don’t intend to buy a book at first, but I see something good on the shelves, and so I buy it. That happens to me once in a while, and when it happens, I can tell that I buy this book because of a random choice I do. Yes, it can be fun because you just come to a bookstore, do not know exactly what you want to buy, and let your the books catch your attention themselves. This happens to me when I am at a bookstore near my house, and I do intend to buy a book but I don’t know exactly what kinds of books. I then look at a few book titles and covers, and I haven’t found any interesting books yet. A few more minutes later, I find myself attracted to a blue book titled The Fault in Our Stars. I take it out of the shelf, and I start reading the short story at the back of the book. I am interested right away, I know this book will be fascinating. I still have doubts though. I don’t really know the writer, and I am afraid that the book will be lame and will be far from what I expect. So, I do face a dilemma here. I then do a little research about the book. I type the book’s title on Google and see other readers’ responses about the book or any claims from book reviewers or websites. From what I read, the book has some positive responses, and it seems a good book. So, I am convinced that I have to buy this book. Yes, to buy the book based on my random choice. Soon after I have the book with me, I read it, I read the first few pages, and to my surprise, I like it very much! It is simply page-turning. The book is basically about two young and teenaged cancer survivors who fall in love with each other. Despite their cancer stories, they can have a very romantic relationship. When I finish reading the book, I feel very happy and satisfied knowing that my choice is a good one. I am satisfied that the book is not lame, it is incredible, and it is like what I expect. So, I will say that buying a book based on your random choice is not bad at all, it is actually worth trying because you might be surprised of what you get.

Finally, those are my five main reasons why I buy a book. But, I do want to emphasize that the best reason of all is your interest. Find and buy books that suit your interest, those kinds of books that attract you and can hold your attention from the first page to the last one. It can be in the forms of fiction, non-fiction, self-help, memoir, biography, and even textbook. Reading, after all, is about having fun in a different world, so don’t make it like otherwise.


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