Epictetus and his path to happiness

Epictetus and his path to happiness


Today I am going to write a new post about Epictetus, a Greek – speaking philosopher who lived during the Roman empire. His thought is actual and interesting, as he tried to explain how to reach the happiness.

Epictetus He was born on 55 AC at Hierapolis, in Phrigia. We don’t know his real name and probably “Epictetus” is only a nickname which means “acquired”. Epictetus was in fact a slave and during his youth in Rome he served his master Epaphroditus, who was the secretary of the Roman emperor Nero. Thanks to his wealthy owner, Epictetus could study philosophy under the stoic thinker Musonius Rufus. He somehow became crippled, perhaps because of his master, who broke his leg as a punishment. After Nero’s death in 68 AC, Epictetus started to teach philosophy in Rome. Eventually he was banished from the capital city with other philosophers and astrologists because of an edict…

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