#EngKnowledge: History of English Dictionary

#EngKnowledge: History of English Dictionary


Fellas! English dictionary is an essential tool to learn the language. Ever wondered how it came to be?

Today we are going to learn about the history of English dictionary!

The oldest known dictionary is the Akkadian Empire cuneiform tablet (2300 BC) containing Akkadian-Sumerian word list. #EngKnowledge

The first ever dictionary in English was a glossary of Latin, French, and Italian words.

The word ‘dictionary’ was invented by an Englishman named John of Garland in 1220.

One of the earliest English dictionaries was “Elementarie” by Richard Mulcaster (1582).

It contained 8000 words and is arranged in non-alphabetical setting.

After that, there were many attempts to create a systematic English dictionary.

They keep on failing to do that until writer/poet Samuel Johnson stepped in.

Attempts = upaya, stepped in = maju, turun tangan.

The challenge at that time was to standardise the English language.

One of the ways is to create…

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