#EngKnowledge: British Royal Family

#EngKnowledge: British Royal Family


Bet you’ve heard about this today: Prince William and Kate Middleton had welcomed their 2nd child, a baby girl!

So this is the perfect moment to learn some facts about the British monarchy!
1. Queen Elizabeth II has been serving her country for more than 60 years.
2. The Queen is a “Queen Regnant”, which means she became queen not because of marriage.
She inherited the throne from her father. (Inherited = mewarisi, throne = takhta)
2. Will Kate Middleton ever be a queen? Contrary to Queen Elizabeth II, she will be a “Queen Consort”.
Queen Consort is when a princess becomes a queen by marriage.
3. Based on her lineage, Kate Middleton turned out to be a distant relative of George Washington.
4. Queen Elizabeth had declared the family surname to be “Mountbatten-Windsor”. Mountbatten is Prince Phillip’s surname.
However, anyone with a “His/Her Royal Highness Title Prince/Princess” does not…

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