Welcoming Ramadhan with Final Exams

Welcoming Ramadhan with Final Exams

This year’s ramadhan is filled with lots of exams and assignments. Yeah, Ramadhan has come, and so has exams.

Time flies so fast – I can’t believe that my undergraduate study almost reaches its end. I am now focusing on my proposal and my thesis. Such an academic stuff, but it feels good.

The sixth semester is almost over now. I and my friends are busy doing our assignments and preparing for our exams. It is kinda tiring to study during fasting, I am not used to it. It is tiring because you have to think while your stomach is empty.

Anyway, I keep my spirit high though. At least after weeks of hardworking, I will get a quite long holiday later on. I bet my friends are doing the same – we will work really hard until the end of the semester. And speaking of this semester, many wonderful things happened which I really love to share here.

So, do stay with me! And that’s for today’s writing. Happy Ramadhan and happy exams week everybody!!!


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