Simple pleasure.

Simple pleasure.

Uh yeah, I am so freaking happy to write about this.

So, yesterday, my auntie dropped by bringing a tool called nexmedia that made your TV screen looked clearer and better. My auntie has been telling me and my mom that we needed that tool to make our TV looked better. But, it was only in last Saturday that my mom decided to buy the tool. So, yeah, my auntie bought it and brought it to my house. The tool was quite pricey, but it was absolutely worth it.

Yesterday, when I just got home, I saw the tool already set up close to my TV. My mom then taught me how to operate it, and it was actually pretty simple and easy. What excited me most was the fact that I could watch some English TV shows and programs on my TV. So, my mom told me, “We got some English programs and Korean as well.” And I responded only with, “Yesssssss. Let’s watch. I can’t wait. Teach me how.”

And to my huge excitement, I saw the programs, there were some interesting options, and I just couldn’t wait to watch. My mom told me that it was only gonna last for two months – a trial. But she also said that even after the two months over, I still got the English programs, maybe not as many as I had now. It was actually fine for me though, as long as I got one or two English programs to watch on daily basis.

It was exciting for me because I have always wanted to have this kind of tool. I have been asking to my mom to provide me that kind of tool, so I could watch English programs anytime I wished. This wish was basically because our local TV shows were very awful. Nothing interesting. That was frustrating knowing that I never watched TV because of the awful programs. And the awful programs were everyday – in the morning until at night.

It was different with this new tool. I got many English programs to choose. I could watch cartoons on Nickeledeon, many crime kinds of programs on Fox, some English soap operas on StarWorld. That was like a heaven for me!!! I could even watch Asia’s next Top Model season 3!!! It was like one of my favorite shows. I know that many people have already had this kind of service, like my lecturer, and this is an ordinary thing as well. They must have gotten used to it. But, for me, this is absolutely something, and new in my daily life.

Now, everyday will be a good day for me just because of the simple pleasure I have now. I can watch English programs almost everyday for as long as I have, and it simply means that I can get that important exposure for me starting in the morning until night. I will be happily staying at home all day.

So, that is all I can share for now. I am now watching Glee on StarWorld. And sorry for my norak feeling or something, but this is indeed a new thing for me, and it is certainly something that I want. Yeah, happy watching for me then! Bye!


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