Watching Insidious 3.

Watching Insidious 3.

Yesterday was a fun. I went to margo, our usual mall, with my beloved dimms. We wanted to watch Insidious 3 – a horror movie pretty much about a bad evil or entity and how to free one soul from it. I had watched the first and the second movie, together with dimms too if I am not mistaken. The movie was not so good – I think the story was simple, ordinary, and nothing surprising. I was still scared though. You know, I was not a big fan of horror movies, so it was perfectly normal to be scared.

It was always a happy time to see my friends. Memang, who just got back from her adventures in Bromo and Bali, brought us a sweet bracelet and gave us pie susu. I got a pink bracelet (yeah, I love pink!). We wore the bracelet, and it was like a friendship bracelet or something. It was so senior or junior high school thing, it was kinda cute in a sorta gross of way. But, still, we wore it and we even took a picture with our hands wearing the bracelet.

As usual, right after we finished the movie, we went to our favorite restaurant, and ate. Miftah, who was poorly sick that day, very quiet when we ate. She didn’t order what we order, and she kept coughing once in a while. It was just our usual day out – Icha, once again, shared what she learned in her class. This time, she shared about what was called as peter pan syndrome and cinderella syndrome. She also shared about some sort of problems that a married couple might have. We listened to her tentatively (especially I) because I was interested in marriage things or psychology in general.

Finished with our food, we headed straight to the convenient store on the ground floor. Miftah and Memang went home, and did not follow us to get some stuff. Memang said that she pitied Miftah who was sick that day. Well, we said goodbye, and I suggested Miftah to go home and go get a testpack. And yeah, it made us laugh really loud. It was good to be the one who produce laugh, it was me.

So, it was just me and the duo mamate couple going to the store. Shasa, as usual, needed to buy some stuff for her mother. It turned out that the line was pretty long. After finished shopping, we went to the nearest ATM Machine and got some cash. I also put my saving for last month. And yeah, our night was officially over.

It was a typical day out for me and my dimms – going to the mall, watching movies, eating out, and going home. Yeah, it was pretty fun though. It was always fun to be reunited and spend the day off with your loved ones.

And, here it is, the not-so-cool-photo-but-still-be-taken-anyway-because-we-love-the-bracelets:



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