Buying new babes.

Buying new babes.

Babes (re: books)

I was on my way from buying new books at one of the libraries in Bintaro when I wrote this. It was a fun and refreshing thing for me – buying books. Actually, I had planned this since I went to the bookstore last Thursday when I was celebrating Inten’s birthday with my friends. I saw some interesting and new books on the shelf. There was one, however, a book that really captured my eyes. It was a new novel titled Attachments by Rainbow Rowell – a best selling author of Eleanor and Park. I had read the Eleanor and Park novel months ago, and it was pretty good. I also had read another novel of Rainbow called Fangirl, and it was another good. So, I was really excited when I saw the new novel, I fell in love with it at the first sight. I decided to buy it, I must!

So, this afternoon, I went to the bookstore myself (cause no one could accompany me), and I bought the novel. I also bought two more books. I spent exact 404 thousands rupiah in total. It was much, of course, but it was always worth it for books. I spent almost 2 hours at the bookstore – looking around and reading a few pages of some books. Ah, bookstores were like heavens for me.

I ended up buying three books because those were my favorites among other books, and also because my money was only adequate for those three, not more. So, yes, I was quite happy going home with three books and I could not wait to spend my lovely weekend reading them.

After finished buying books, I went outside and went straight to the ice cream stand. I bought a cup worth 9000 rupiah, and ate it on my way home. I was happy that the traffic was not so bad. I took 510 because I considered it was faster than Deborah or other public transportations I usually used. And I was right! Although I needed to stand along the way, it was fine for me. The toll road was not so crowded. So, yeah, this afternoon was kind of awesome for me. Having a “me time” and did my kind of shopping. Yep, for me, shopping was hunting for books at bookstores, and ended up buying some. Well, I am indeed not like any regular women who loves shopping for shoes, makeups, clothes, and other women stuff. I am more like a nerdy kind of girl who loves reading books and loves being at a bookstore. Yeah.

I often hope that my future boyfriend will love reading books too, and he also loves going to bookstores. I imagine that will be exciting to be with someone who shares the same passion or even the same weirdness as you. Well, it is just a random thought and imagination. You know, that kind of imagination only a single lady makes.

Finally, I am so happy that I had this shopping again. So, until next shopping!


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