The night is killing.

The night is killing.

Here it comes, another long and empty night, another night missing you.
Here it comes, another short writing dedicated to you, my forever love.
Here it comes, another me listening to a very mellow song while laying on my bed and typing.
Here it comes, another poetic yet pathetic notes I write with your face in mind.
So, here it comes, another night befriending with the silence.

The silence is killing, the loneliness is killing, and even the night is killing.
She cannot handle it, sometimes, but she ends up being fine.
The night is killing, yeah, especially for those who is falling in love or who is secretly missing a soul.
The night is killing – it brings all the memories back to mind, so vividly that she can’t even handle.

The night brings its friend called loneliness. They are like a couple, at least for her. They are like a complete package that she gets without even asking.


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