Livin’ in America.

Livin’ in America.

The tittle sounds funny, right? but, yeah, that is what I am going to share this time. Happy reading!

Today is Monday, I am supposed to be in my Metlit class now, but here I am, writing a post on my blog. I am kinda lazy today, so I decide not to go to campus and skip my one and only class on Monday. So, I had a pretty fine weekend yesterday. I just stayed at home, doing my stuff in my own room all day long. Well, what I mean by stuff is the things I love doing on the weekend – last weekend was not so much different from other weekends I had, I just laying on my bed and checking on my phone.

My parents went to one family gathering. I, as usual, hated going, and chose to stay at home instead. I spent my time watching or re-watching movies on my laptop. I watched Real Steel yesterday, and it was pretty good. After watching the movie, I decided to borrow my daddy’s notebook (the one I am using right now :p) to browse and surf the Internet. The Internet connection was pretty good, luckily. I watched one video after another which made me extremely happy. It has been a while since the last time I did that kind of thing. I watched many English videos ranging from English discussion shows, English entertainment videos, and many more. In short, I did that activity all day long. I did it until evening, and was not feeling tired a bit 😀

I imagined my life with WIFI service in my home – I would be using it all day. I loved watching videos on Youtube because we had a lot of options, a lot of videos to watch. We also could watch cartoons. I watched one of my childhood cartoons, Hey Arnold, on Youtube last night. It was so fun. It made me remember my wish long time ago – I ever asked to my parents to have TV cable service used in our house, so I could watch English shows as long and as often as I wanted. My parents disapproved, of course, saying that the cost was to pricey, and I was not in the house all day. It would be a waste, at the end.

Having myself watched English videos all day on the weekend made me want to live in the USA. I know this sounds pretty crazy, but that what crossed my mind 😀 I watched English videos all day, it felt like English was inside my head, it also felt like I was living in an English speaking country just like the USA. I imagined that would be exciting to live in the USA because I could speak English, I could communicate with it, I could also immerse myself with English and the USA culture.

Those wild imaginations were so funny, but those were what I hoped somehow. I think, for now, although I am not living in the USA, I can make my home or my environment as American as possible. That will be exciting as well.



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