Another skipping class.

Another skipping class.

So, here I am sitting inside Fathulloh and writing on my blog. I am supposed to be in my TEFL class, but nope, I am here because of the really awful traffic. It is my fault, however, I realize that I should have left earlier knowing that the traffic reaches its worst around 8 and 9 a.m.

I intended to leave earlier though just like last week. I left around 6 a.m. and arrived on campus around 8 a.m. then I went straight to the library on the seventh floor and read for hours. Yes, last night, I intended to do that again. But, you know, I can be a really sleepy head. So, I slept until 6.30. I was so lazy – I just wanted to sleep all day or checking my phone on bed. The point is I didn’t want to leave my bed, as you can predict, I cancelled my last night plan. I left around 7.30 this morning, and look what I got now.

So, I waited almost 40 minutes for the bus. I didn’t know that it would take that long for me to get the bus. The traffic was fine at first, but a few minutes later, it turned out really bad. I was so tired of the traffic, I also didn’t know what to do, the bus was the only and the best way for me to reach my campus. I, despite the sweat and the sore feet, patiently waited. It took almost 40 minutes or so until the bus entered the toll road. The toll road was uncrowded, luckily. I was optimistic at first hoping that I managed to come to the class although that I would be coming late.

But I arrived very late. I knew I couldn’t come, so I went straight to the mosque and stayed there. The point is, I, once again, skip the class and it is because of the bad traffic. Please, government, DO SOMETHING! I then promise to myself that I will come earlier next week no matter how sleepy I might be, I must come early or not come at all!

What bothers me most is the fact that my formative score will be minus 5, so it turns from 75 to 70. Can you imagine? How ridiculous is that! I mean, I lose the point because of me unable to come on time. Hah! That 70 will be my formative, I can assure you that I will not come late again otherwise I’ll be getting 65 and that is absolutely unacceptable!

This skipping-class thing will not bother me or ruin my whole day. I have learned that what is done, done. I am not a kind of person who regrets something so much or so long until I can’t focus on something else. I am also not kind of person who blames everything else or everyone else for something that happens to me. I have learned this since a long time, since the early semesters, and I learned this hard way. So, even though I didn’t attend my tefl class today, and I would be getting 70, that was fine. I still have a chance to make it better, and I surely will do better!



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