A well-spent Saturday.

A well-spent Saturday.

Last Saturday was a blast for me. I did my written test, I returned the books I borrowed to UI, and I had fun with my friends.

I was scheduled to have my written test in order to be accepted as a tutor in one English course at 9.30 a.m. I had promised myself to come and not to throw this opportunity away. I was glad that I got a second chance after losing the first one. The English course where I applied was generous enough to give me the second chance. I was also glad that Iki could do the test too. We both had the chance to be accepted.

Knowing that Iki would do the test too, I invited her to go together since both of us were not familiar with the address and had not been there before. I met Iki in Pondok Labu around 8.50 and drove a public minivan number 61 to Pasar Minggu. For your information, it took me a huge effort to finally get dressed and go. I was so lazy at first, I just wanted to lay in bed all day, I wanted to sleep. But, something hit me, I couldn’t throw this chance away. I should, at least, come and try. It was for my own experience, I didn’t have to get the job. I then did my best to overcome my laziness and to beat the evil within me, and I was grateful for being able to go. It was simple enough, I didn’t want to regret knowing that I threw a good opportunity, I also didn’t want to be in my comfort zone all the time. I, in short, needed to do what I needed to do.

Luckily, the road was pretty empty on Saturday. It was also easy to spot the place. It took only 15 minutes or so to reach the place. We both entered the building with a sense of unfamiliarity. We then entered a room which was already filled with some people. I was surprised, unlike my first teaching test, this time was fuller and they all looked older than me and Iki. We then had to fill a self identity form and continued with a brief introduction from a staff there.

After the introduction, we moved to the test session. I had to answer 100 questions mainly about grammar in two hours. The questions were neither too difficult nor too easy. It confused me a bit, I managed to finish them all though. I found this English course was stricter than the first EC I applied in, the system was so clear and carefully designed. From the staff who watched my test today, I learned that there would be four stages of the recruitment system in this EC: administrative stage (handing CVs and others), written test, presentation test (micro teaching and comprehensive test), and interview stage. Whooa, I still had a long way to go.

I finished doing the test around 12.20 p.m. I then went home. I stopped by at one convenient store to buy a piece of bread and a mineral water since I was so hungry. It was noon already too and I had used my energy to do the test. So, I deserved a treat! I ate the bread in angkot because I went straight to UI.

I met Shasa who was talking with her friends when I came at the library. I then sat and did nothing. I gave her the books and she returned them. I then went to the bookstore in the library. I was tempted to buy many books there. There were many good books and novels. Unfortunately, I brought little money to buy them all. I ended up buying one business magazine though. I promised myself to go back one day and buy the books! Yeah! *nerdymood*

I intended to go home after buying the magazine, but I couldn’t just go. I just arrived, and I hadn’t met my friends. We also wanted to talk about our plan to make phone cases. Considering these things, I went back to where I sit earlier and found Icha and Dini were already there. We then talked about which theme we would like to use – Dini was the one who got us impatient. She, as always, was hard to please. It took her a while to finally decide one theme. The four of us then went to Margo to have lunch together.

Miftah was absent again. She was busy writing a lesson plan. I hoped she could join us. Once we arrived at the foodcourt, we ordered. The three of them ordered noodles while I ordered pecel lele. It was the first time for me trying out the food. It was also based on Shasa’s suggestion. We enjoyed the foods as much as we enjoyed our chat. We talked about Icha and Shasa’s plan this weekend, we listened to Icha’s story about her lecturer, and we also talked about education and children. Ah, we were all grown up. Our discussion was no longer about clothes and stuff, but it was more about our future like our future career and even marriage.

Done with the lunch, we moved and joined the crowd to see the show on the first floor. We found out that there would be Adera at 5 p.m. Being excited, I invited them to come to the first floor and watched Adera there. Shasa was the one who refused. It wasn’t her thing, I knew. But, I insisted. Luckily, Dini and Icha were on my side and Shasa finally joined us.

Then Adera came! Wohoooo! We watched him live! He sang several songs – his voice was so good, he was also so kind because he smiled at his audience often. We sang with him, we said every word wholeheartedly, we enjoyed the songs to the fullest. Icha was even still for a while, remembering something perhaps, or contemplating her love life. It was so funny that I couldn’t resist to tease her. The performance ended at 6.30. We then went home respectively feeling happy.

So, that was my kind of Saturday, and I consider that was a well-spent one. It was a perfect combination as well, a balanced life between getting a new experience and enjoying my time with my friends.


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