Jakarta’s traffic and public transportations are really frustrating.

Jakarta’s traffic and public transportations are really frustrating.

When we talk about Jakarta, we also talk about its really bad traffic. Here, I will share my experience in dealing with Jakarta’s traffic and the public transportations.

As a public transportation user, I know really well how bad the traffic is and how uncomfortable using public transportation in Jakarta is. The traffic is absolutely caused by the number of vehicles on the main roads everyday. Many Jakartans use either cars or motorcycles to work everyday. Many cars are occupied only with one person which absolutely contributes to the traffic.

If only the motorists want to use public transportations either public buses or public minivans locally known as angkot. Many motorists claim that they won’t use public transportations because the public transportations are not comfortable and the drivers drive carelessly. Well, those claims are absolutely correct and logical. As a public transportation user, I take a bus from my house in Lenteng Agung to my campus in Ciputat. I also take angkot for 15 minutes more. I go back and forth everyday, and often, I get so frustrated with the traffic.

Every morning especially weekdays, main roads in Jakarta and also toll roads are all occupied with cars. There are also many motorcycles and most public transportations are occupied as well. Mornings are always crowded with people going to their offices, you will find many people walk and even run to catch their buses. For me, that is my everyday view.

Many times I get so frustrated because of the traffic or because of the crowded bus I take. Taking a bus to your office or campus is absolutely uncomfortable – you have to stand up for one hour because all seats are taken, you have to be patient enough to be pushed here and there, you also have to be patient when the driver drives recklessly. Many angkot and bus drivers often drive recklessly because they want to get what it is called setoran much. They are motivated by money, they even compete with other bus drivers to gain as many passengers as possible. This is why safety never comes first, safety always comes last.


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