Movie marathon.

Movie marathon.

How do you spend your long weekend?

Yep, I have a long weekend this week. It is so relaxing to have days off. Luckily, I don’t have many assignments for the next week, so I can chill out during this long weekend.

Well, people have different ways to spend their long weekend. Some go shopping and doing outdoor activities while some others stay inside and sleep. I belong to the second group – stay inside and sleep. A little bit different though, I stay inside and watch movies. Yep, watching movies is the activity I do on this long weekend.

So, I got some new movies from Shasa’s bro, Abi. I began watching a movie called The Dictator on Friday, then continued watching White House Down. The movies are totally great. The dictator is so hilarious. I continued this activity, something that I call as movie marathon, until Saturday night. I watched some movies that I haven’t watched before like Silver Linings, and I also rewatched my all time favorite, Harry Potter movies. Movie marathon itself is when you watch movies after movies. You spend hours watching one movie to another. You will get dizzy, of course, but you enjoy it anyway.

It is obvious that I spent my long weekend with my laptop, and I watched movies from it. I also checked my timeline Instagram as much as I wished and found some good posts there.

So, yeah, that’s about my long weekend. Some of you might think that is boring and so introverted. But, I really enjoy that. The essence of having long weekend is to relax yourselves from working stuff. Find things that you like, do your hobbies, do the things that you can’t do every day because of the routines. Find the things that can relax you, energize you, and ultimately help you to be more enthusiastic in the next week. For me, that thing, is watching movies. Watching movies can relax me, I can chill out on my bed and do nothing all day.

I might do something else though. It doesn’t mean that I always spend my long weekend like that. Sometimes, I need fresh air too, I need to be outside and engaged in outdoor activities. Yeah, I would like to.

The point is how you spend your free time as fun as possible, and how it makes you relaxed as good as possible. Go do your things! Happy weekend all!


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