Finally, I am writing again!

Finally, I am writing again!

Wohooo, it has been quite hectic for the past two weeks since I got back to college. I didn’t have much time to write here on my blog which was a shame, of course. But, today I got plenty of free time, so let me start!

Sixth semester is absolutely harder than the previous semester. I always have assignments every week. Some of the lecturers assign us at least one resume to make every single week. It is good actually for us, so we can always practice, but it really exhausts us at the same time.

Because of the assignments, I always spend my weekend doing the assignments – be it writing a paper, reading books, translating an article, making a power point, and other college stuff. It takes my free time until I don’t have any time left to write on my blog. Writing on a blog can be long and short, it depends on what you write and how you write it. In my case, I always find writing on my blog long because I want to share everything as detailed as possible. So, when I write, I need to provide at least one hour to do that, to write from the beginning till the end.

That is why I rarely write now because I have little time to do so. I surely need to do my assignments first and write on my blog later. In short, writing on my blog is no longer my priority. Even so, I always love writing on my blog. The medium is just right for me. It suits me well and it facilitates my writing practice. Writing on my blog might be not as regular as before, but I try my best to have my blog writing time.

Here, I want to share about my latest activities:

As a college girl, my activities are pretty much the same every day – coming to class, studying, doing the assignments, having presentations, and so forth. I feel a little bit bored once in a while with the routine, I wish to have other activities or maybe join an organization on campus. Sometimes I feel like a robot which has been designed to do and perform the same tasks over and over again. I need something new, something different and maybe something challenging.

I cannot do that though, I need to be 100% committed to my study now, at least until I graduate. Well, to reduce my boredom, I try to be more enthusiastic about my routines. I try to cheer myself up every time I have problems, and I try to have fun with my friends on campus. I also try not to take everything so seriously. This quite works for me, luckily.

Sixth semester is a semester where almost everything related to our skripsi. Many of my friends have prepared and got their titles for skripsi. Many also are preparing it now, it’s like we are going to graduate in a few months. This semester is also more academical. I learn how to write academically, I also learn many things related to teaching approaches and media. I can’t believe that I almost graduate and everything I am studying now is like a preparation for my PPKT and my teaching career in the future. Time surely flies.

All and all, sixth semester is pretty much the same as the previous ones. Nothing much changes. Anyway, I and Iki are not accepted at the English course we applied early on. I personally really hope to get in, but yeah, no calls or notifications, I am not accepted. I personally hope to get in because the location is just perfect for me, the schedule also fits me well. Yet, I don’t get in. Iki told me that maybe the course are not really hiring right now, maybe they do not really need English teachers for now. I and Iki understand that perfectly. I don’t know about Iki, but I won’t apply to other courses for now. It’s not because I am traumatic or something, it’s just there are no courses which fit my location and schedule. Maybe I will really teach when I have PPKT and later on after I graduate.

So, I think that’s all. It’s good to write again here. Will surely write more (I try to write every single day), but let’s see. Bye!


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