Umi’s 20th birthday!

Umi’s 20th birthday!

Last Thursday was a blast for our dearest Umi. She turned 20 years old! We had our usual day starting with our Translation class and then our Writing class.

During our break, we kept teasing Umi and telling her about what treat we wanted. We also kept telling her, jokingly (of course) that we wouldn’t buy her any presents or surprise her with a cake. She was able to see the truth, unluckily. Umi could be really kegeeran, and we could be so honest and so bad at hiding a surprise.

I seriously had no idea about the surprise. I just let my other friends like Inten, Dila, Sasya take care of it. And yap! Right after we finished our Writing class, Inten was ready with the cake. Umi and Mbake went to the seventh floor to return a book. It was about to happen, I was more than ready, but then two people gone out of nowhere – Dila and Akira. I rushed to the musholla and found Dila was there. She said she would join us later on, but she and Akira went home and totally missed the whole party. Too bad.

Once Umi arrived, we gave her a very big cake. She looked happy of course. We sang a little bit of happy birthday and soon we cut the cake. The fourth floor was obviously noisy because of us. We had our friends gather and eat the cake together. It was such a pleasant gathering.

Slice per slice, we were already full with the cake, but some slices remained. I then expected that our dearest, coolest junior, Habibi, show up, so we could give him a slice. Not long after, he did show up! He walked toward us with his style that never failed to makes us laugh. We called him and had him sit with us. We gave him a slice which he accepted happily, and there he was, eating the cake with his seniors.

He was hilarious! He kept telling us many stories – some were good and some were nonsense. He also told us what he thought about us saying that Inten was an energetic one and so on.
We asked him lots of questions in which he happily answered. Me and Mbake who sat very close to him couldn’t resist to laugh every time he talked. He stayed with us for a few more minutes and then went home.

There were two or three last slices remained. Thankfully, another man whom we or I truly admired show up, Dede. Umi soon gave him a slice and he kindly wished Umi a happy birthday in Korean which surprised us all. Around 2.30 p.m. we moved to a restaurant where we would have a lunch. The lunch was obviously treated by the birthday girl, Umi. We chose Mie Dp and soon ordered. I had the same mie that I ordered not long ago. We enjoyed the food so much. It was too bad that Akira and Dila couldn’t join us. I seriously didn’t understand why they won’t or they couldn’t join us, it was just a shame that they missed Umi’s birthday celebration.
Around 3.30 p.m. we went home respectively.

It was such a fine day spent with my beloved ones. I do hope that Umi enjoyed it as much as we did. And I or we do wish a very happy birthday to the one who eats a lot; flirts a lot; helps a lot. To the one who may be the tallest but act the silliest. Happy birthday!!!


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