I and Iki’s next steps in job-hunting.

I and Iki’s next steps in job-hunting.

Last Friday I and Iki had our written tests and micro teaching.

I was in rush because my morning class, Grammar, finished at 9.30. My micro teaching was scheduled at 10 a.m. The same schedule as Iki’s. Once my Grammar lecturer closed the lecture, I rushed and got in an angkot. The traffic was a little bit bad that morning. I switched angkot two times in order to come on time. It was such an adventure for me, I crossed the roads, I bathed in very bright sunshine, I walked so fast.

Luckily, when I arrived, Iki was already there and the tests had not started yet. I came inside and sat right next to Iki. There were two staffs that day who examined us. We then moved to one class to do our written test. The test was quite easy. Once we finished, we continued our test with the micro teaching. Iki did it first and I waited outside the class.

I was nervous waiting outside. Luckily, I managed to overcome my nervousness and tried to relax myself. Iki’s micro teaching lasted for about 15 minutes. Once I was in the class, I prepared myself and tried to be as calm as possible. I was lucky that I had rehearsed and practiced my micro teaching at home. I had mastered my material and I knew every step well.

I wrote my material on the whiteboard, and I did the opening confidently. I then delivered my material mostly by reading from my handout. It lasted for about 15 minutes. Once I was done, Iki was invited to go back to the room, and we both sat before the male staff who was also a teacher there.

We then did the interview and discussion. We were thankful that the staffs were so kind and friendly. We were not nervous anymore and we felt close with them already. During the interview, we talked about the salary, the system, the management and so on. We then were told that the result would come on Monday. The male staff would consult with the chairman or chairwoman first, and he would inform us on Monday or Tuesday. We couldn’t wait!

We were happy that we had done all tests that day. We were happy that the staffs or the judges’ response was positive too. We prayed for the best!

That day ended with me and Iki eating mie ayam together. We talked about our interview over eating and we were both very happy and satisfied that we managed to pass the D day quite successfully. We now wait for the result to come!

We both thanked Allah for He had made everything easy for us. We let Allah decide and give what is best for us. Semangat!!!


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