I and Iki’s job-hunting.

I and Iki’s job-hunting.

Iki has been being really passionate about getting jobs recently. She had applied to one course and she was determined to send her CV to more courses.

Last Monday, I went home with Iki. We were searching for an English newspaper for our Translation task. She then told me that she wanted to apply to one course near Pondok Labu. She was hesitate at first, but I surprisingly told her to just apply that day. We then printed her CV and had everything ready. We went to the place and Iki entered the room herself. I waited outside.

Once she done the registration, she came to me with a happy face. She did the first step and she would do the micro teaching in the next Friday.

Having seen Iki’s smooth process, I was determined to do the same. I wanted to apply and get the job too. Iki was very supportive to me. The next day, I had everything ready, and then applied.

I was nervous at first, but I was strongly determined to apply and I didn’t want to let Iki down for the second time (the first was when I cancelled my registration to be a facilitator). I walked inside the room myself and I was welcomed by a young woman. I then put my CV and she had my schedule ready to do the micro teaching on Friday, just like Iki.

Once I was outside, I told Iki what happened in the office. We were thrilled to know that we would do the micro teaching and other tests in the same day! Yap, doing something together was easier and made us less nervous.

We also applied in two more courses in Cinere. We were shy and nervous at first, but we applied anyway. We had to wait for the further information from the courses. Just wait and see.

Doing the job-hunting was certainly new for me and Iki. I am glad that Iki is determined enough to get jobs and new experiences, I am also glad and thankful that she is able to inspire me to do the same. We do hope that everything will turn out good for both of us. *fingerscrossed*


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