A movie day!

A movie day!

Yesterday was such an unexpected plan! Shasa invited me to watch the second movie of Divergent, Insurgent. I too wanted to watch the movie, so I accept the invitation gladly and soon we set time and place.

I was in a hurry because I arrived at the mall around 2.30 p.m. and the movie was about to start. I had Shasa and Icha wait for me in front of the studio. I took the elevator and walked pretty fast to get to the studio. The mall was so crowded maybe because it was weekend. Once I was at the theater, I searched for my two friends, and soon found them right in front of the studio four. I waved at them and ran towards them. Lucky for us that the movie began right when we sat. We didn’t miss anything.

It was funny though because we got very front seats. We were very close to the screen. We had no choice because the studio was full and almost every seat was already taken. We enjoyed the movie so much despite our uncomfortable seats. I loved Theo James aaaa and Shailene Woodley. They acted very well, and the second movie was as cool as the first. We couldn’t wait for the last movie!

What I liked about the second movie were the fact that Divergents were actually the solution and not the problem to the society; Jeanine was so cruel in this movie because she couldn’t accept the truth that her assumption was wrong, luckily she was prisoned at the end of the movie; Four and Tris were inseparable, they were so sweet! This movie really captured their romance in such a heroic way. Not that kind of romance that made me say “ewwwh”. This movie, in conclusion, was worth watching. I was glad I had watched this movie with my beloveds.

As usual, we ate in our favorite restaurant before going home. We paid for the tickets to Icha which to my surprise, was more expensive than before. Now, a single ticket is 60K for the weekend. We ate and talked about Shasa’s final assignment, Icha’s Korean test and so on. We also bought ice creams after we finished eating.

Before going home, the three of us went to the Giant to buy some items Mrs. Tiroana needed. We then went home respectively around 6.30 p.m.

It was a good way to spend our weekend, watching movie. It was too bad that Miftah and Dini couldn’t join us that day. So, happy weekend folks!


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