Fancy lunch and dessert.

Fancy lunch and dessert.

Last Saturday was a bliss for Dimms. We finally went to Kota Kasablanka or kokas to try udon and a unique dessert. We set off from our houses around 11.30 a.m. and met in the same train as we planned earlier.

It was my first time going in the train without my friends accompanied me. I went in the train and found none of my friends near me. Luckily, Dini came and together we walked from one corridor to another to finally be reunited with others.

It was fast, around 20 to 30 minutes from Lenteng Agung Station to Tebet Station which was our destination. We drove a public minivan number 44 from the station. The traffic was pretty bad that day. It took another 15 minutes to reach the mall. Once we arrived, I was amazed by the building which was so grand, huge, and modern. The mall certainly had lots of shops ranging from accessories, clothes, shoes, and more. It also had lots of good restaurants whose names I wasn’t so familiar with. I was very excited and amazed until the end of the day.

We took a stroll and did a window-shopping before performing Zuhr prayer in the mosque which was really comfortable. The mall really won my heart. It was around 2 p.m. when we joined the line in one udon restaurant. The restaurant was the one that Shasa has been talking about and she has been dying to take us there. It was my first time eating udon. It was good to see the process of udon-making and to enjoy the restaurant’s open kitchen view.

We were treated by Icha and Dini for lunch. It was not so expensive I guess. I had udon with curry which tasted really good. I absolutely wanted to try it again some time. We also had tempura, soft drinks, and ocha that we could refill. It was such a fancy dinner. We were full and satisfied.

After having lunch, we took another stroll and explored the mall. I, Icha, and Dini visited the theater which was huge and had lots of new movie posters. It was funny because the three of us acting like we would watch a movie. We just wandered around and blended with other visitors who were busy finding their studio or patiently waiting in the hallway. I really enjoyed looking at different posters. The new movies seemed good and interesting. The theater really had lots of movie options. One funny thing happened when we accidentally found a poster of Cinderella’s kereta kuda. The three of us then eagerly took pictures. 

Tired exploring the mall, we went to the first floor to have a dessert. The desserts were paid by Shasa. It was from her monthly salary, she said. Again, a funny and absolutely ridiculous thing happened – we saw lots of foreigners or bule and we walked very closely with one of them on our way to the dessert restaurant – Sumoboo. The foreigner stood right next to me. My friends teased me, of course, and Miftah could not stop talking about him. She said that the man was so handsome.

Once we were in the restaurant, we had another line and had to be in another waiting-list. We waited impatiently since we had been waiting for this dessert and we were very tired as well. We finally got our seats after waiting for 15 minutes. We then ordered and waited. I had a cute bowl of ice or es serut with green tea flavor, Dini also had the same but with chocolate flavor. My dessert looked cute, it looked like a bear with an ice cream as its mouth and choco chips as its nose and eyes. There were also two slices of strawberry as its ears. The rest of us had what was like a pudding combined with ice cream, almond, and other ingredients. All of the desserts were good and refreshing. Mine was a little bit bitter since it was a green tea flavor. I couldn’t hide my funny face every time I ate my dessert. It became my friends’ amusement. During our dessert time, Icha as our manager and money consultant, told us about our debts during the day.

We finished eating around 4.30 p.m. and then went home. We needed to walk for 10 minutes to the main gate, we found a very big kereta kuda in the main hall. The mall promoted Cinderella really well. It even had a mini exhibition of Cinderella from the costumes to the big kereta kuda. We would like to take a picture inside the kereta kuda, but many children already lined up. We continued walking eventually.

Dini, Icha, and Shasa, kept joking about taking a taxi on the way home. They absolutely teased me and Miftah since we were responsible for the fares. I and Miftah just ignored them. We drove the same public minivan and it was faster than our first drive. We then arrived at Tebet Station at 6 a.m. and I was surprised to see a very long line in front of the locket. I then joined the line with Shasa. She was kind enough to accompany me buying the ticket. After several minutes waiting, I finally got my ticket and together we went into the station.

At the station, my friends were busy watching Korean boybands. I just looked at them without really participating. Something funny happened just before we got in the train – we rushed and ran together to catch our train. We got the very last corridor. It was hilarious when Shasa ran with a tab on her hand. We panicked yet we managed to laugh during that kind of situation.

It took only 35 minutes to reach Lenteng Agung Station. I still wanted to be there with my friends because we really had a good time talking in the train. After saying goodbye, I needed to jump a bit from the train to reach the peron and I did something unexpectedly. Once I got off, I posed a gesture that people usually do after performing something on a stage. I looked at my friends and they all laughed. I also laughed to my self and to my own silliness. I then walked to my house.

So, it was incredibly fun. We had so much fun and we certainly pampered our tummies. That day was another weekend well-spent. We should do that more often, and I can’t wait for another adventure!!!



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