A sweet meeting.

A sweet meeting.

Last Friday was supposed to be only me, Shasa, anđ Dini to meet for we wanted to meet at UI Library. Dini and Shasa wanted to return a book they had been borrowing, and I wanted to download some journals. The Internet did not work well, unfortunately. I ended up getting movies from Shasa instead of journals.

I came around 2 p.m. and found Shasa and Dini have been waiting for me. They focused on their Korean videos though. Such fans. I opened my laptop and started searching, after a few minutes, I stopped and sending movies instead. The Internet connection was really bad that day.

Shasa invited me to come to one ice cream restaurant near Margonda Residence. I didn’t know it before, and it was new as well. I soon accepted the invitation eagerly since I really wanted to eat an ice cream or to have a bowl of ice cream. Shasa told me that the ice cream could be eaten by two people. One bowl of ice cream was enough for two. We also visited a food website to find out more about the restaurant and the menu.

We then invited Miftah to join us in which she accepted enthusiastically. We also invited Icha, but unfortunately she had a very afternoon class and it was finished around 6 p.m. I, Shasa, and Dini set off around 4 p.m. and met Miftah near the restaurant. To our surprise, the restaurant was very crowded. There were lots of visitors. We even needed to be in the waiting list. Lucky enough, we got our seats 15 minutes later.

We got our seats and ordered. I and Dini had a bowl of watermelon ice cream while Shasa and Miftah had a bowl of oreo ice cream. We also had three fish breads and a plate of french fries.



We ate the ice creams together, we also chatted for hours. The crowd was lessen in the evening. We talked until around 6.30 p.m. It was like we owned the restaurant. When we were eating, we kept chatting with Icha via Line. She would like to come and join us after college. We finally agreed to meet her although it was already dark. She said she would like to eat something, we met at Margo and we accompanied her eating.

We chatted more at the food court and suddenly one idea popped up in our heads. Shasa told us earlier about one restaurant named Sumoobo. It had a very cute dessert. I have always wanted to try it. Shasa said that we could come to Kokas a.k.a kota kasablanka mall to find the restaurant. We just didn’t expect that we were going to visit the mall the day after. I proposed the idea – to visit the mall on Saturday. Miftah was the one who disagreed at first because she had little money. Lucky for me and Miftah, Dini and Icha agreed to treat us udon and Shasa would treat us the dessert from Sumoboo. I and Miftah were in charge to pay the fares and drinks which we didn’t mind at all.

It was funny that the plan just came out and it fixed. Miftah who was supposed to do her RPP assignment agreed to come (who could resist free food, huh?). So, we had a deal. It was around 8.15 p.m. when Icha finished her meal, we had our arrangement for the next day ready – we would meet in the train going to Tebet. We had set the time, 11 a.m. and we were more than ready to pamper our tummies!


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