Back to campus.

Back to campus.

Hi fellas, here I am. This is about my first week being a sixth semester student – the first week of going back to campus.

This semester will be tougher, I know. I loved holidays even though I just stayed at home most of the time, so when I went back to campus last Monday, I felt a little bit reluctant. I found that I would get day off only on weekend. I would come to campus from Monday to Friday. I got only one subject on Monday and Friday. Morning classes and then went home.

So, I came for my only cass, Metlit last Monday. I met Rizqa and Iki when I was waiting for the elevator, we greeted each other and went to our class. I wore my new bag which soon be teased by Umi and my other classmates. I missed my classmates, they didn’t change a bit, still the same. We then waited for more than one hour, but our lecturer didn’t show up. We left the classroom and went to the third floor to take our piqi certificates.

I had guessed so that the lecturer wouldn’t come. I, Umi, Iki, and Mbake then went to kosan and met Dila and Sasya there. It had been a while, nothing much changed though, except the new perabotan Sasya and Dila bought. We watched a movie called Lucy and went home around 5.30 p.m.

The next three classes on Tuesday were a bit different. Two lecturers came and we had the introduction. My first class was tefl. My lecturer liked order so much that we needed to be neat and tidy. Our shoes must be well-arranged as well as our seats. He also wanted us to be quiet during the class. He did the introduction in English and I think his Englisg was pretty good. He then talked about his life, shared some wisdom, and some provoking thoughts. It was a fine class, the only thing I was nervous about was the fact that I sat on the first row. It was a bit awkward. He also liked to come on time. I definitely must come in time.

We answered some questions for one research conducted by our lecturer whom we were not really familiar with. We got a chocolate as a reward. My second lecture that day couldn’t come. The last class on Tuesday was Syntax. We had the introduction and some exercises. It was around 5.30 when the class ended. A super tiring day.

This semester is really something because I have three subjects with three credits each. The classes will be long and maybe, boring.

On Wednesday, I had two classes. I came on time and waited for the lecturer. She came around 8.30 and soon introduced herself. This would be my first time with her. She seemed nice. My next class was around 11 a.m. The lecturer was a woman in her early 30s, I guess. She explained the subject in English and her English was good. I liked her speaking. The subject seemed hard. There would be presentations and also group projects. Luckily, I was paired with Sasya.

Thursday was such a surprise for me and my classmates. I was fortunate to come on time that day because the lecturer was really punctual and strict. Only 7 students were present that day while the rest was considered absent for coming late. The subject seemed difficult with her. I was nervous and a bit scared. My classmates looked nervous too. We would read 5 textbooks for this subject, make a report, and translate two books. We got our first assignment as well and would have our first presentation next week. This subject is really something. I only had one class that day. I came to the kosan, copied some movies from Umi, and we watched a movie called the theory of everything together.

I had one class on Friday. I should have come, but I didn’t. Sasya told me about the class. My lecturer sounded stricter, I couldn’t come late anymore, and there would be presentations.

So that is my first week. Nothing much changes. My daily activity remains the same just like the previous semesters. What I learn from this first week are I really need to come to class on time and my lecturers are absolutely stricter than before. It is a bit scary ya know, but doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun in the class. I will study in such a cool and fun way.

So, yeah, this weekend will be about doing my first translation assignment. Welcome back to the college world, Mila!


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