A fairytale.

A fairytale.

She should wake up from her dreams
She should see the reality in front of her
She should have forgotten that beautiful fairytale long ago
She should have moved on before it got deeper.

She knows what she wants
She knows one name she always whispers before bed
She knows and still recognizes one face she pictures every night
She still remembers the tale every time she listens to songs.

Fairytales only exist for children, they never exist for adults, or they do not exist at all
Fairytales are beautiful, her reality not.

She should open her eyes and realize
She should accept that her first love has long gone
She should understand that her fairytale has long ended.

She should realize that her favorite guy is meant to be in the past.

People say fairytales do not exist once you grow up
People say true love does not exist
People say first love is not really important
People rarely believe in soulmates, in two souls meant to be together and met again one day after long separation
People do not believe in such things

But, she does.

It sounds cliché, ridiculous, unrealistic, and weird, yet she believes.


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