An unplanned day out with Shasa and Dini.

An unplanned day out with Shasa and Dini.

I woke up this morning shocked. Shasa called me via bbm and gave me lots of PING!!! I who woke up around 10 during holiday was so surprised to see her calling. I opened my eyes right away and read her messages. It turned out that she forgot her office card and couldn’t work. It was around 7.30 a.m. and she wanted to come to my house instead of going back home.

My eyes were not sleepy after that. I waited for Shasa to come. I told my mom that she wanted to come and I took shower around 8 which I rarely did during holiday.

She came around 8.30, greeted my mom, and we talked. She then ate her bekel cause she didn’t have a breakfast this morning. We talked for hours, we talked from dimms, our love story, her co-workers, her final assignment, and other random stuff. Shasa was chatting with Dini and found out that she didn’t go to campus today, she then asked us to accompany her to UI Library and borrowed a book there.

We then had our lunch together – my mother’s cook. We talked more about her special co-worker and we talked about our plan to go to Mangrove park. Right after Azan Zuhur, we prayed, dressed up, and set off. It was cloudy when we went outside.

We went by train and went to UI (I always went by train every time I was with Shasa. She is like a train kinda girl). It took around 15 minutes and met Dini at Pondok Cina Station. She smiled at us while handling us two cups of cappuccino cincau. Then one unexpected thing happened, Dini couldn’t get pass the door at the station, she got a penalty and was fined Rp. 7000.

It was getting darker when we walked to the library. Once we were at the library, we went straight to the second floor to find the book Dini was looking for. We then found our seats behind tall shelves. It was dark because the lamp did not work around our seats, and instead of reading or looking for books, the three of us just sat there and played with our own gadgets.

I then took some photos and Shasa showed us some designs for our future phone case. We also tried some new changes for our phone case – we changed the font, the font color, and the background. It was funny because the three of us had different ideas, it was even funnier when Dini kept requesting for a better or different change. I and Shasa should be very patient in dealing with Dini. We, furthermore, talked about Icha and Miftah who didn’t join us today.

When I was taking some selfies, Shasa and Dini invited me to record some short videos using an app called B612. It was so funny since we recorded many times and got none good. After lots of efforts, we finally got two good short videos. We, annoyingly, sent the video to our group, Dimms, so Miftah and Icha could see it too. They would be annoyed, and we liked it. We also posted the video on our Instagram.

Around 4 p.m. Dini finally went to find her book. We had been chatting, laughing, and recording videos since we came. At last, Dini got one book she needed. It was entertaining for me personally because the three of us just sat there, pretending to read a very thick Biology book, and once in a while took selfies while others were busy finding their books. It was also fun to keep them laughing for my silly jokes.

Around 4.30 p.m. we left the library and as we stepped outside, the rain was pouring down all of a sudden. We took our umbrellas out. I shared my umbrella with Shasa since she didn’t want to take hers while Dini got her umbrella for her own. As we were walking to find a restaurant which served mie ayam or mie aceh, the rain was getting heavier so we needed to stop walking and stay in a place. We stopped and sat in one building not too far from the library. We sat there for ten to fifteen minutes waiting for the rain to stop. We met a couple whom looked pretty suspicious, abang abang siomay who approached us and walked back and forth maybe to attract our attention. We were sorry though that we were not in mood for siomay. We craved for mie ayam or mie aceh. It was Shasa’s sudden desire to eat mie. She told us that on our way to the library which made the three of us arguing whether to eat mie ayam or mie aceh. I strongly chose mie aceh since I have never tasted it before while the two of them chose mie ayam. We had more talks and laugh while waiting for the rain to stop.

When the rain was not too heavy anymore, we continued our walking and got attracted by the couple we had met before. They were even more suspicious when we saw them walked toward the UI’s lake with the boy held the girl’s hand. Shasa and Dini were curious of what the couple might be doing, they even wanted to go back and take a look at them. I was the one who strongly refused the idea saying it was absolutely ridiculous.

The noodle restaurant was the one we often passed by. It was my first time though. I had what Shasa had – mie tumis while Dini had mie goreng spesial. The noodle was delicious. We talked about our Mangrove plan over food from what public transportation that we would take, how much money we needed to bring, to what time should we set off. We were really serious about this plan since we hadn’t had real vacation for a while. We just came to the mall, watched movies, and ate out together. Visiting Mangrove Park would be perfect for us. We would take lots of photos using selfies and post them on our Instagram. We also talked about skin problem and treatment after that and then went home respectively.

It was such a fun day and a well-spent day with Shasa and Dini. It was me and Shasa time after a while, I was with her since morning until evening. It was also a day with Dini. A day filled just with the three of us, DMS. It wouldn’t be happened though if Shasa remembered to bring her office card. Today was a real unexpected hang out and absolutely an unplanned one, but I am sure we all had a good time.

Fun facts:
-We kept talking about Shasa’s final assignment a.k.a TA. She hasn’t found a right title yet
-We walked in the rain in such a cheerful way
-We sat in a building, just the three of us, feeling like we were having a camp in the middle of somewhere
-UI was beautiful in the rain, the lake looked green, vast, and beautiful
-I wanted to have a sunglasses for our Mangrove plan saying that we could buy only one sunglasses and shared it
-I got another sticker from the library

And these are two photos we took today:



And here are my three stickers of UI Library (I do collect them and put them on my mirror :D):



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