Shopping with Mom.

Shopping with Mom.

Last Friday I went to Margo with Mom. It was unplanned, it was started with Mom asking me what I needed for college. It was funny because my mom treated me like an elementary student who needed new stuff for the new term. I didn’t need anything new – I got a plenty of books, a two pair of new shoes, I got a pretty new laptop, I got everything I needed. I said a new bag would be perfect though.

I didn’t expect of having a new bag, but my mom really took my response seriously. She said it was ok for me to get a new bag. My bag was perfectly okay, it was just me wanting to have another bag.

So, after Zuhur, I and my mom set off to one store which sold bags. I had something in mind – what kind of bag I wanted. When we arrived, I headed to the bags section and took a look. I liked several bags, but really fell in love with a red bag. I checked that bag out, it was a perfect bag for college and for travelling too. My mom, luckily, also loved the bag. She said the bag was good and perfect for me. But we were so surprised when we saw the price – it was so expensive for a bag. It was absolutely the most expensive I have ever bought. I was fine if my mom said no to the bag, but to my surprise, my mom agreed to buy the bag. She was still shocked though, she understood that the bag’s brand was indeed good and that was why it costed a lot.

I had told my mom earlier that the brand was pretty famous, many students had the bag, and the designs were cool. My mom just listened to me, she didn’t expect that the price would be that expensive. Before finally buying the bag, I told my mom that I could choose another bag which was less expensive. My mom insisted, she said that it would be my first bag from that brand (and probably the last). She bought me the bag and I couldn’t be any happier.

We then moved to Margo to do a window-shopping. We went to check out some shoes and bags. I was surprised to see my friend, Mita, from senior high school. We were like two crazy people when we recognized each other, we smiled and laughed, we shook hand and finally went respectively.

There was a barongsai performance that day. It was clear for the imlek celebration. It successfully attracted the visitors, including me and Mom. I and my mom then brought some breads – three different breads for me, Mom, and Dad. I chose meat the cheese while Mom chose sausage bread. I also had Mom buy me an ice cream called Es Krim Uncle. It was just like the one you found in Singapore – ice cream inside a piece of bread. It costed 16.000 which was quite expensive for both me and Mom. My mom just shook her head when I ate the ice cream, she couldn’t understand why such ice cream could be that pricey. I just smiled, I had the oreo vanilla that time  which was quite good. It was my first time eating the ice cream and thanks to Mom, I was no longer curious of the taste.

I and Mom just ate our breads at the food court while other visitors watching the barongsai performance. It was around 5 p.m. when we finished eating, we then went home.

It was such a good day and another me-and-mommy moment. We often did the shopping together just like that and the next shopping (I could predict) would be Mom’s turn. She would buy a new bag which she always said for her pengajian. That’s it for today’s writing, and here is the red bag:


And yep, the color is red plus brown. A good combination I think, a calm combination as well.


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