A sad reunion.

A sad reunion.

It is a late post actually, but it is better late than never, right? Let’s start.

Last Wednesday I went to one of my friends’ house, Becek, well his real name is Ukhwan. He is my classmate back in senior high school. His mother was passed away on Monday which really shocked me and my other classmates.

I went to his house on Wednesday evening with my girl friends. It was like a small and sudden reunion for us. We talked and laughed again after what it seemed like ages. It was nice to meet them and do things we used to do before. It was predictable though – you said Hi, asked about campus stuff, exchanged pin BB or phone numbers, and reminisced the old times.

It was not a happy reunion, unfortunately. We were there to cheer Becek up, we were truly sad and sorry to hear the news. We knew his mother quite well, we celebrated Becek’s birthday once we were in high school. His mother was a kind person and she treated us very well. Her death brought the sorrow to all of us.

Once we met Becek, we greeted each other, exchanged How Are Yous and Long Time No Sees, we started asking him regarding her mother’s death. We then knew that she was sick – breast cancer, stadium 4. One of us, Kartika, who was really energetic, talkative, and funny, kept asking him about the cancer and the treatment. Kartika’s mother was affected with the same cancer not long ago. Luckily, her mother was able to be healed and was fine now. Kartika and Becek shared their experience while the rest of us listened to them and once in a while joined them.

We stayed in Becek’s house until 7 p.m. we prayed Magrib in the near mosque and unintentionally, we took some selfies. I know that we should not have done that, but we couldn’t resist. We just really missed each other. After several photos taken, we went home. And just before we went home, we said good bye to Becek and we could see how sad he was. We shook hand and he repeatedly said thank you.

Becek is one of my boy friends from senior high school. He is very kind to me, he even calls me “cici” because I look like a Chinese woman. He has been calling me this until now and it sounds funny and sweet at the same time.

That small reunion brought me back to the past – to the shs moments and how I was very close to Becek. He still greeted me warmly and treated me well. He still called me “cici” in such a cheerful way that I always miss and cannot forget. I do hope that his family will be fine and stronger.


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