Dimms’ first saving.

Dimms’ first saving.

I met my best friends, dims, today around 12 a.m. We met at UI’s library to have our own account in one bank. We have decided to save our money, so we could go on holidays without worrying about money.

I came late today and found out that Icha and Miftah were registering the account when I came. I met Shasa in the hallway, greeted each other, and soon immensed ourselves in a good talking. We literally talked about anything from work, college, and the account stuff. One thing that Shasa kept telling me was that she wanted to have a custom phone case with dimms or our photo on it. She explained about it enthusiastically while I just listened and nodded in agreement.

The registration turned out to be much longer than we thought. It took almost three hours to complete. For the first saving, we collected 500K which meant 100K from each of us. It was around 1 p.m. when I accompanied Shasa to one faculty to do some her college stuff. UI’s campus life was like any other campus, I figured.

Right after Finishing the college stuff, we got back to the library, had our seats, and waited. We wanted to watch a movie at first, but it would be impossible knowing that the registration really took much time. I and Shasa came up with eating ramen instead of watching a movie. It had been a while since we had our ramen together.

Icha and Miftah came around 2 p.m. looking tired. They had been taking care of the account like two or three hours. Once they were with us, I and Shasa bombarded them with lots of questions about our account. They told us that we didn’t need a book to check our saldo, we could check it on email instead. Modern times, right? We then talked about which email that we needed to use, Miftah’s or dimms’?

We went to margo by walking. It was quite far and really exhausting. We stopped to buy cilok first – Shasa and Miftah who really wanted it first, they both recommended me the cilok, so I got a plastic for myself too. It was good, it was different from other cilok I have eaten before. We also stopped at detos – the mall just across margo to sit and finish our cilok. We were lucky to ride in the car margo provided, so we didn’t have to walk any farther.

Once we arrived at the mall, we went straight to the ramen restaurant we loved visiting. It wasn’t as crowded as weekends which was such a relief. We got our seats, looked at the menu, and ordered. We talked about Memang while we were waiting for our foods. We talked about how fussy she would be if she did the registration today. She would ask lots of questions.

The foods, ramen, were good. I always love ramen! Miftah had a bento this time saying she was starving and needed rice desperately – typical Indonesia. One funny thing happened when we were eating, three Korean men came to the restaurant and soon ordered. They all wore black shirts, short pants, looking casual. It was funny because Miftah could not stop looking at them, she kept calling them “oppa”. It was even funnier when we found out that they all had both rice and ramen. They must be very very hungry. We laughed and wondered, “How can they eat that much at once?” haha

Miftah had told Memang to come so we could her about the account. After finished eating which turned out to be much more expensive than I thought, we sat at the food court waiting for Memang. Once she arrived, we showed her the card and stuff. We also told her about the phone case we would like to buy. She definitely agreed.

We accompanied her to the nearest ATM before going home. On our way home, we told her our newest plan to go to a mangrove park in North Jakarta this holiday. She would love to go, of course. We actually had been talking about this since lunch, the only problem was we haven’t found out yet how to go there, the transportation.

And right after saying goodbye to Miftah and Memang, the three of us went together. Shasa wanted to buy a dvd first, so we went to detos again before home. It turned out me buying two dvds instead of Shasa. She didn’t get the dvd she wanted. I was, on the other side, very happy to see different movies before me. They seemed all good, I ended up buying two dvds – romance movies (of course!).

I came home around 6.30. It was a good day and you know what? Every meeting always gave us another plan and plan, this time we really thought about having the identical phone case and going to the mangrove park. Let’s see 🙂


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