A day with Fauziah.

A day with Fauziah.

Fauziah is one of my students at Faba. Since our first meeting, we have been good friends. Yesterday I met her at UI’s library – we met because I needed to return her book which has been ignored on my desk for a long time.

I came around 1 a.m. and found her waiting for me inside the library. We exchanged His and How Are Yous. I gave her the book and we sat talking. We asked each other how was life and what we were up to. I asked about her job and she asked me about college. She comes from the same university, fyi. And she has recently graduated.

She told a lot about TOELF Test which she had taken recently and unfortunately she did not get the score she expected. She told me how hard the test was and therefore determined to do more practice. I just listened to her and wished her good luck for the next test.

We then talked about the community we had been joined, Faba. She asked me whether I was still being a tutor or not. She was surprised by my answer, thinking that I might be want to be the tutor until the new period. I asked her the same question – whether she was still at Faba or not, she said not anymore. She also quit saying that she was afraid that she would busy working in the future. We did a little bit reminiscence of our English club back then. It was a fun club and we absolutely had a good time regardless of how short it was. We talked a bit more about other friends in our club – my other students. We realized that we were busy with our own business – some of us busy studying and some other were working. Still, we wished we could hang out together some time. It would be fun.

Fauziah told me earlier that she wanted to go upstairs – to the third floor, she wanted to read or to familiarize herself of the thesis for she was preparing for her scholarship. This is what I like about her – she is diligent, hard working, independent. She also loves books and reading, she loves adventures, she opens up herself to new things, and she is eager to learn and to know more. She is funny as well and good to talk to, she inspires me in certain ways which makes me thankful to know her. And one thing we absolutely have in common: we love the library and love hanging out and spending time there.

Fauziah accompanied me buying some books at one bookstore at the library’s lobby. The bookstore is one of my favorites. After buying books, we went inside the main part of the library. There was a new rule there – other students and people who are not from the campus, have to pay 5.000 rupiah. Outsiders are not as free as before. The rule is stricter. After doing the registration, we took the elevator and went to the third floor. Not long after we arrived, Fauziah changed her mind. We went to the second floor and soon found our seats. I found some books about language that really interested me. And earlier, before we took the elevator, I found a photocopy that captured my attention. It was Fauziah’s. I asked her about it and she explained that she joined one writing academy and the tutor gave the photocopy to read. The academy itself was something I have heard before and was pretty familiar with it. I even considered joining it when I read its profile. I was surprised knowing that Fauziah joined the academy. It turned out great and useful for me since I could ask her about it 😀

We sat comfortably, side by side, with our own books. I dived myself into a book titled Language Death by David Crystal while Fauziah was seriously reading a compilation book of short stories she got from the academy. She said that it was a mandatory reading.

After reading several minutes about death language, I closed the book and read Fauziah’s photocopy instead. I read the first few pages and found it really good. I decided to have it for my own by photocopying it on our way home.

We stayed in the library for two hours or so reading our own books. It was good to just sit and read, no talking, just read. It was also good to see others busy with their reading – some were looking for books, some were walking around from one shelf to another, some were typing, and some were reading and listening to music with their earphones. It was quiet – a perfect place to read. I personally really love libraries – I think libraries are cool and you will look smart when you are there :p

The library closed around 4 p.m. I and Fauziah were there until the last minutes, until the lamps were almost all off. The unique thing about this library was it would start playing songs, Indonesian traditional songs, when it was about to close. We were downstairs in just few minutes, took our bags, and I had my photocopy done.

Fauziah kept inviting me to eat before going home, so I agreed. We ate in what was like a pojok makanan not far from the library and near the UI’s mosque. It my second time, the first time was with Fauziah too. She actually the one who introduced me the place. The place was crowded, but luckily we got our seats. We ordered bakso malang that we had on my first time here, we ordered two glasses of es jeruk too. The food and the drink were good. We talked over the food – we talked about our campus, our plans in the near future, our daily activities, and what we liked about the library. It was around 5 p.m. when we finished eating. We exchanged goodbyes, promised that it wouldn’t be our last hang out, and wished for each other’s success.

It was another fine and well-spent day for me. I always love going to the library and I consider the campus as my second campus and even my second home. I am glad that I live quite near from the campus because I can come there often, stay in the library for hours and hunt books.


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