Fifth Semester.

Fifth Semester.

I haven’t written about my fifth semester which is absolutely amazing and full of assignments. I am pretty busy playing my phone – uploading photos on Instagram, browsing, and watching videos on YouTube that finally have me suspend my writing. But, before I forget any further, I will write about my fifth semester now!

Fifth semester is so amazing for me. It is not only the fact that I have my extensive reading subject, but also because I get a very best result.

Fifth semester is exactly what I had imagined – tougher subjects, stricter lecturers, and more papers. I did not expect to get a good or high result for this semester since the subjects are really hard, I just let Allah decide and grant me the results that I deserve, that I work hard for.

Allah grants me a wonderful result. I don’t  want to get satisfied because I still have to work hard and improve my skills, but I do want to thank Allah for my achievement so far. I must thank Him, so He can help me to improve and achieve more in the next semester.

I am surprised at first that I manage to get the result. I am so so happy that my hard work for the whole semester has paid off at the end and what I have been doing is worth it. I am also really thankful that I can improve my result from the previous semester. I didn’t expect this at first, I didn’t expect to get a higher result, I didn’t desire to achieve that high because I knew that the subjects were not a piece of cake. I would be satisfied if I passed all subjects without having certain standards. But, Allah had a better result for me. I then realize that hard work and practice are the two keys that make this possible. By Allah’s generosity and our sincere effort and our strong determination that we can achieve almost anything.

The tough semester has over, but I still have the tougher semesters ahead of me. I am glad I can pass the fifth semester well, I can get a new experience of reading from the extensive reading subject, I can get a new job as a novel PJ and I can get a chance to get to know more lecturers I don’t know before.

The fifth semester has its own meaning for me – not only that I get a good result, but also for the experiences and the moments I have during the whole semester. Time flies so fast.

The new semester is about to come, and like the previous semesters, I will do my best and let Allah take the rest.

Semangat coy!!!


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