When you were sleeping.

When you were sleeping.

Just watched a sweet movie called When You Were Sleeping. I love it so much not only because of its romantic story, but also because there is my favorite actress, Sandra Bullock, in it.

The movie begins with Lucy as a little girl spending her time with her daddy. Her daddy tells her that the reason why he falls in love with her mommy is because she gives him the world. Lucy really believes in what her father says.

When she grows up, she finds herself attracted to a man named Peter. She doesn’t know his name at first, they don’t know each other. It’s Lucy who likes him, waits for him at her booth, waits him buying ticket from her at the train station. She believes in love at the first sight, she also believes that he has taken her world and will give it back one day.

Lucy lives by herself, well with a cat, in an apartment. She works as a ticket seller at a train station where she falls in love with the man. She eats hotdogs, works even on holidays, and has not married yet. She has lost her parents and has been living alone since.

That is a Christmas day when she goes to the station to work. The man comes and says Merry Christmas. Lucy just stares at him saying nothing. Then she finds out that the man is pushed by some unknown people and falls to the track. Lucy runs towards him, jumps onto the track, and saves his life. That is her first time looking at him and saying “Hi”. The man doesn’t wake up and is rushed to the hospital and the story begins.

Lucy cannot come to his room, so she accidentally says she is his fiancé. She meets his family which surprisingly welcomes her warmly. Lucy tries to explain, but the family is just so excited knowing that Peter, the man’s name, has been engaged. Peter remains unconscious for days.

It turns out to be a great experience for Lucy. She finally feels the warmth of a family after a long time. She lies to the family. It turns out to be different when Lucy meets Jack, Peter’s brother. Jack knows there is something wrong with her, he asks her lots of questions. They are finally close and they fall in love.

Peter finally wakes up one night. He remembers all of his family but Lucy. He slowly understands what happens between Lucy and him. Peter surprisingly finds Lucy attractive and falls in love with her. He proposes and they will get married.

The night before the wedding, Jack comes to see Lucy and gives her a present. Lucy knows whom she loves right away, she knows what she feels about Jack – love.

On the wedding day, right before she makes a wedding promise, she tells everything to the family. She tells the truth and she tells her feeling about Jack. She says that she might have saved Peter’s life, but he actually saved hers for she got the chance to have a family again. Both Lucy and Jack know that they are in love. And Lucy is certain that she no longer loves Peter.

On the next few days, Lucy finds a ring and finds Jack and the family are all together in front of her booth. He then comes inside the booth and proposes. Lucy says yes. Jack gives him a perfect give, he gives her the world and they go to Florence for honeymoon. And Lucy remembers that Peter once asked her, “When did you fall in love with Jack?” and she replied, “When you were sleeping.”

—The End—

God, this movie is so romantic. The story is simple yet very inspiring. I learn some things from the movie that everyone deserves to be happy, Lucy finally gets married to the man she loves and won’t live alone anymore; feelings can change; and be true to your feelings.

I like the fact that instead of marrying Peter, Lucy falls in love with Jack and ends up marrying him. Her love to Peter finally leads her to her real love. Love at the first sight might not 100 true in Lucy’s case, but if she didn’t fall in love with Peter, she would not have met Jack.

Love is a magical thing. You will never know what it brings to you. Love can change anything in just a matter of minutes, all you have to do is just believe in your feelings cause they never lie.

Love also can lead you to unexpected paths, meet unexpected people, and finally meet someone you never imagine before. One thing is true about love, it is magical, and you will feel its magic sooner or later.

Ps: I love the soundtrack as well – it’s sweet and simple. It’s like a beautiful lullaby before you go to sleep. And it’s a sweet song for every sweet story.


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